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The Pro Yakyu Report 1.33 - Slow Pitches

Baseball news from Japan and Asia

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The Pro Yakyu Report 1.33 - Slow Pitches

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Inspired by Clint Hulsey's "Slow Pitches in the Major Leagues" blog post, I present a case study on slow pitches in NPB.

Pocket Calendar

August 12, 2013 will see the release of this week's Japan Baseball Weekly Podcast. John talks with Randy Williams about the Lions' bullpen, Ma-kun continues his winning streak, and Jim and John plan on discussing MVP candidates as the year starts winding down.

Koshien, the 95th annual high school baseball national championships, began last Thursday, August 8, and will carry on through August 22nd (extending for bad weather). The shows with Edwin Dizon have been quite popular, so, yes, I do plan on having him on again at the conclusion of the tournament. If you have any questions or topics you'd like to hear us discuss, please leave a comment under this video at either here on the Bayside West: Yokohama blog on or the Pro Yakyu Community on Google+.

Be sure to follow all the action at Edwin Dizon's high school baseball blog at


Slow Pitching in the Major Leagues (Blogspot)
Slow Pitches Google Spreadsheet (Google Drive)
Miura Slow Curve vs. Nakata and Ohtani (YouTube)
Fujinami Attempted Slow Curve vs. Nakata (YouTube)
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