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The Pro Yakyu Report 1.35 - Summer Koshien 2013 Special Interview

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The Pro Yakyu Report 1.35 - Summer Koshien 2013 Special Interview

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With the conclusion of the 2013 summer high school baseball championships (aka Koshien), I have special guest Edwin Dizon on the show this week. We (mostly he) discuss the surprise Noboeoka Gakuen vs. Maebashi Ikuei final, several entertaining character and episodes, the under-performances of Anraku, Ojima, and eliminated before Koshien Matsui, and more. It's a longer episode than usual, and half the interview was left on the cutting room floor.

If you'd like to listen to the interview in its unedited entirety, it's available here

Edwin Dizon's Japan High School blog - Kokoyakyu
Follow Dizon-san on Twitter @EigoKokoyakyu

Pocket Calendar

Koshien wrapped up on schedule on Thursday, August 22 without a single rain out. Congratulations to Maebashi Ikuei for their first Koshien championship.

The Japan Baseball Weekly Podcast comes out on Monday, August 26 and will feature an interview with Coco, a discussion about Ma-ku and the Eagles, and even delve into a discussion about Ichiro over in that other league.

I regret to report that John and Jim do not plan to continue their exciting discussion about the MVP, but shall move on to addressing some listener questions.

Personally, I'd like to see a Google+ Hangout debate between John and Jim, and I volunteer to act as moderator. Am I the only one who wants to watch this?
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