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Fight songs

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Fight songs

7 replies. Most recent reply: Mar 29, 2008 11:45 AM by Christopher

One of the big things in cheering the Tigers on as part of the Oendan are the Fight Songs. These are meant to encourage individual players and are only sung when the player is batting. For regular team members they are personalized otherwise they use a standard format with the player's name inserted. There is also a standardized pitchers song, two chance marches (special songs sung when the team is in with a good chance of scoring) and of course Rokko Oroshi - the Tigers victory song. Uniquely (though Dragons fans have recently started doing it as well) there are the closer chants ato hitori - one more batter and ato ikyu - one more ball. Normally fans keep quiet when the opposition is batting and the Tigers fans are considered a bit rude in this respect.

Fight songs are an indication of the player's status - to have your own fight song is a sign you have arrived. A player can be on the regular roster and make regular appearances but will not have the same status as one who has his own fight song. Sometimes the player has to wait a few years to get one and some never get one. They are composed by fans and approved by the Tigers fan club. A few years back a Yakuza (Japanese gangsters) linked cheering club claimed royalties by saying they composed the songs. As a result of the fraud being exposed all the songs were changed except Hiyama's which pre-dated the claim.

Currently the following players have fight songs
1. Toritani
3. Sekimoto
5. Hirano
6. Kanemoto
7. Imaoka
8. Asai
9. Fujimoto
24. Hiyama
25. Arai
31. Lin Wei Tsu
33. Katsuragi
39. Yano
51. Sakurai
53. Akahoshi
55. Ford
99. Kanoh

The songs stay with the player and are sung whenever they appear on the top team. So a player who does not get much playing time will still retain the song and it will be sung whenever he plays. They only stop being used when the player leaves the team or retires. Songs themselves are generally repeated four times on a standard two-three beat. This doesn't mean that they are easy and some are quite complex - the Fujimoto song involves breaking the pattern in the middle. The washoi chance march is also quite complex especially after a few beers.

Other chants used by Tigers fans are the standard sore ike ike sung at the start of each innings and a ganbarre chant to encourage a pitcher. There is also the out chant at the end of the opposition innings and finally old lang syne (in Japanese of course) when Tigers batting forces the opposition pitcher to leave the mound. Rokko Oroshi itself is sung after scoring shots, in the seventh innings and at the end of winning games .

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Re: Fight songs

[ Author: Guest: NagTigerFan | Posted: Mar 25, 2008 11:27 PM ]
Thanks for the blog.

I've been following the Tigers for about 15 years in Japan. If you're interested in learning the songs, this page provides the lyrics and you can even sing-along with a Real player.

Re: Fight songs

[ Author: ExitMoose | Posted: Mar 26, 2008 1:19 PM | Posts: 15 | From: Canada | HT Fan | Registered: Aug, 2007 ]
All the Hanshin fight songs can be found here:

There's lyrics and low quality audio samples, along with a few pdf files you can print out and take with you. It's all in Japanese, but I imagine that won't be a problem for most of the community. I can post the lyrics in romaji if anyone is interested.

Re: Fight songs

[ Author: Christopher | Posted: Mar 26, 2008 6:13 PM | Posts: 3482 | From: Tokyo | HAN Fan | Registered: Sep, 2004 ]
Thanks for your corrections which have been incorporated. I would be delighted if you could post the romaji version as I know some people can't read the kanji.

Re: Fight songs

[ Author: ExitMoose | Posted: Mar 27, 2008 3:39 PM | Posts: 15 | From: Canada | HT Fan | Registered: Aug, 2007 ]
Here they are. I put it in English where appropriate, but be sure to use the katakana pronunciation to match the song. Gotta love the imaginative theme they penned for Ford.

Yume nosete! Habatakeyo! Surudoi swing misetekure!
Saa kimi ga hero da! Toritani Takashi!
"Kattobase! Toritani!"

Shoubu wo tsukero! Ima koso tanomuzo Kentarou!
Minagiru chikara! Moetagirasu! Konjoutamashi!
"Kattobase! Sekimoto!"

Hakkyuu toraete Totsugeki da, Hirano!
Kitai kotoeru Guts de idome!
"Kattobase! Hirano!"

Kitaeta sono karada! Afureru kihaku!
Saa kokomade (Sore mukou he) buchikome, right stand he!
"Kattobase! Kanemoto!"

Ima mune ni himeta Makoto no toushi wo
Oozora ni mukatte! Honoo to moyase! Tora ni nare!
"Kattobase Imaoka!"

Kyouken mouda no hatsuratsu eight!
Kagayaku hoshi mezashi! Habatake, Asai!
"Kattobase! Asai!"

Unmei wo se ni ukete! Kimeroyo! "Kattobase!"
Yume koete! Tobidase Fujimoto Number Nine!
"Kattobase! Fujimoto!"

Kono ichida ni kakero! Kiai de furinukeyo!
Daremo omae wo tomerarenu! Hiyama yo, tsuppashire!
"Kattobase! Hiyama!"

Hitofuri ni kakeru Otoko Arai!
Atsukiso no omoi Stand e!
"Kattobase! Arai!"

Sore yuke ima koso! Honoo no ichida wo!
Wei Chu! Wei Chu! Shouri wo mezashite!
"Lin Wei Chu! Lin Wei Chu!"

Ground wo saku Ichida no migaku!
Katsuragi Ikurou Otoko iki!
"Kattobase! Katsuragi!"

Wakitatsu daichi ni hikaru otoko!
Mouko no kaname, Yano, neraiuchi!
"Kattobase! Yano!"

Tenkuu no kanata ni Mau tama wa!
Shouri tsugu sakura Midoresaki!
"Koudai! Koudai!"

Sharp-na dakyuu Ground tsukinukero!
Hashire! Red Star! "Let's Go!" Akahoshi Chance kirihirake!
"Kattobase! Akahoshi!"

"Lew! Lew!"
Let's go, Ford! Lew Ford, let's go!
"Lew! Lew! Fight! Fight! Fight!"
"Lew Ford! Lew Ford!"

Ute, kono toki ni! Nerai wo sadame!
Furinuke Kanou! Tobase! Tobase! Tobase!
"Kattobase! Kanou!"

Chance Theme:
Yukuzo Chance! Shoubu wo kimero! Kihaku no ichigekide ●● taose "Oh!"
Mouko no toushi de shouri wo tsukame! Hoero! Moero! Warera no Tigers!
don don don ■■ don don don ■■ "KO KO" ●●●●●

※ Put the opponent team in for ●●, and the current batter in for ■■

Re: Fight songs

[ Author: Christopher | Posted: Mar 27, 2008 7:52 PM | Posts: 3482 | From: Tokyo | HAN Fan | Registered: Sep, 2004 ]
Many thanks for those.

Re: Fight songs

[ Author: Guest: Frank | Posted: Mar 27, 2008 9:25 PM ]
Wei-Chu Lin's fight song, can you tell me what it meant literally translated into in English?

Re: Fight songs

[ Author: Christopher | Posted: Mar 29, 2008 11:45 AM | Posts: 3482 | From: Tokyo | HAN Fan | Registered: Sep, 2004 ]
Not really - these things aren't easily translateable. However, a rough translation might be

Let it go now - fiery hitting
Lin Wei Tsu, Lin Wei Tsu, aim for victory.
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