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Player developments

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Player developments

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Kubo has decided to exercise his free agency option whilst Fukuhara and Andoh are staying. Toritani will also stay and things are looking good for the return of Murton and Messenger. Standridge is still up in the air. This of course leaves a lot of young players marooned in the lower reaches of the team unable to get playing time. But then Tigers emphasis on youth has always been just lip service. The use of the useless Fujii and Hidaka behind the plate provides proof. There is talk of going after Tsuruoka if he should take free agency which would at least constitute an improvement on the current catching team. However, Tigers will never have a good team unless they bring their new signings into the top team in preference to the established players sooner rather than later. One can't see that happening as it requires a completely different mindset which the obsolete management structure cannot even begin to imagine.
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