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Masses of numbers

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Masses of numbers

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Tigers have now signed all their draft picks and allocated numbers. Here they are:
Yuata Iwasada: No. 17
Showa Yamamoto: No. 47
Suguru Iwasaki: No 67

Naomasa Yokawa: No 55

Shintaro Yokata: No. 24

Ryutara Umeno: No. 44

There have also been some changes to established players numbers; the biggest surprise being the change in Futagamii's number.

Kazuo Futagami will now wear No. 66
Kazuo Itoh will now wear No. 117

Other new or re-signed players have received the following numbers:
Seung Hwan Oh: No. 22
Mauro Gomez: No. 5
Yuji Yoshimi No. 42
Kentaro Hashimoto: No. 110
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