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More Interleague 23rd to 26th May

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This blog will attempt to report on as many Hanshin Tigers games as possible. Games will be, if possible, reported the day after and on rare occasions the same day.

More Interleague 23rd to 26th May

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The question has been asked about the elder Arai and why he wasn't starting. His very much lower level performance had prompted Wada to think (we hope) about how to use him. A replacement for Hiyama was needed and Arai seemed to fit the bill. So he started the season as pinch hitter. With the interleague the thought was to use him as DH as he was doing well in a pure batting role. He added pop and had the temprement to hit at the big moment. The move to put him at first though is a surprise but means that Gomez can be used at DH.
Tigers split the series with Softbank losing the first game when Messenger suddenly melted down in the sixth. Up until then they had held a a two run lead courtesy of Gomez. Softbank bounced back and scored four in that innings taking the game 4-2. Tigers had a chance to even the game in the seventh with a one out bases loaded situation but inept batting by Arai and Uemoto meant that Softbank escaped the threat without damage. The second game of the series saw a poor Nohmi get enough run support to hold onto the lead. Tigers took four runs and then the relief held off Hawks to record a narrow win. Note this time Nohmi only pitched six innings but the score was close 4-3 Tigers. Oh now has 12 saves and leads the Central League.
Like the other two interleague series Tigers dropped the first game of their Lotte rubber this time 5-2. Iwata couldn't really manage to hold the visitors and gave up three runs in the third. As a punishment Wada kept him in till the seventh despite the fact he was tiring and paid the price with two more runs added. It looked like a shutout but Murton and Ryota were able to add consolation runs in the eighth. Final score was 5-2. If Wada and Nakanishi show sense with one pitcher they immediately blow it by over-pitching a different one. The second game of this series was rained off and will be played tonight.
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