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Incompetent Tigers May 28th & 29th

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Incompetent Tigers May 28th & 29th

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Tigers one would expect would be able to take at least one game from the Lions who aren't exactly setting the world on fire. Instead they messed up both games and were embarrassing. Back to the 1990s again.
The Lions took the lead in the first game but Tigers bounced back and by the end of the fourth had a 2 run lead. Everything was going well until Messenger tired and gave up two runs tying the game. Tigers seized the lead again thanks to Arai. The game was tied in the top of the eighth but once again Tigers took the lead in the eighth. Here Oh blew things with runners on second and third he threw a really wild pitch which allowed two runs to score. Another run followed and Tigers lost 7-5. The second game once again saw Tigers take the lead but why Wada is stupid enough to start the clearly out of his depth Umeno as catcher is beyond me. Tigers held a 2-0 lead until the fifth when it all went pear shaped. From that innings on Lions scored every innings and eventually racked up a 13-2 victory. It wasn't so much an embarrassment as an ignominious humiliation for the Tigers. It exposed the weakness of the pitching and the pitching coaching and furthermore Wada's ineptness as well.
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