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June 11th Fujinami v Fujioka - Hey Nonny Ho

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June 11th Fujinami v Fujioka - Hey Nonny Ho

1 reply. Most recent reply: Jun 12, 2014 6:54 PM by Guest

It was always going to be difficult to perform at the same level after a good start but one does feel that Fujinami isn't helped by the poor coaching he is receiving. Wada's stubborn desire to force him to throw as many pitches as possible doesn't seem to be working either and once again Fujinami put in an indifferent performance. Tigers batting did much the same and really they should have done more against Fujioka. Fukudome's stay in ni-gun has opened the door for Imanari and Ryota to have a go at right as well. Imanari does have experience in the position but not Ryota. Shibata started this game at right but was replaced by Ogata who presumably has served his sentence. Shibata is one player I am not particularly enthused to see return to the top team as is Fujii - yes the fat one is back to further reinforce Tigers reputation for mediocrity. Scores

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Tigers 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 3 7 1
Marines 0 1 3 0 0 0 4 0 X 8 7 0

Starting Lineups

1. Uemoto (Second)
2. Yamato (Centre)
3. Toritani (Short)
4. Gomez (First)
5. Murton (Left)
6. Takahiro Arai (Third)
7. Umeno (Catcher)
8. Shibata (Right)
9. Fujinami (Pitcher)

1. Okada (Centre)
2. Suzuki (Short)
3. Iguchi (First)
4. Saburo (Left)
5. Kakunaka (Right)
6. Imai (Third)
7. Nemoto (Second)
8. Yoshida (Catcher)
9. Fujioka (Pitcher)

It was raining at QVC and the rain continued throughout the game. Fujinami doesn't seem to like the rain which is a pity as he has no option sometimes. However, going first as the visitors Tigers were just as bamboozled as they had been by Fujioka previously and the three batters fell in order. Marines first started similarly and one had visions of a good performance from Fujinami. Things even looked fairly good in the Tigers second with Murton swinging at a pass ball and then getting to first. Arai grounded out to short but was able to make first safely forcing out Murton but then Umeno went down swinging to end the innings. It looked like Fujioka wouldn't last long. However, it was Fujinami who folded not Fujioka. With one out in Marines second Kakunaka doubled. With another out down Nemoto hit towards Gomez. Gomez missed the ball which rolled between his legs into right and Kakunaka made home 1-0 Marines, runner on first. Yoshida struck out to end the innings. This gave Fujioka momentum and he controlled the Tigers third well striking out two before walking Uemoto. Yamato though grounded out to short to end the innings. The run had given heart to Marines batters and they proceeded to exploit Fujinami's struggles in the bottom of the third. With one out Okada hit to second where Uemoto could only stop the ball but not get the throw away on time - runner on first. Okada stole second with Suzuki's hit to centre putting runners on the corners and then Suzuki stole second - runners on second and third. Fujinami couldn't cope and despite getting Iguchi to strike out walked Saburo to load the bases. He then dead balled Kakunaka - oshidashi walk in 2-0 Marines, bases loaded. Imai hit deep over Murton for a two base timely double 4-0 Marines, runners on second and third. Finally, Nemoto struck out to end the innings. Marines were clearly in control.

Toritani responded by leading off Tigers fourth with a double to left. Gomez on what was a poor night for him flew out tamely to second and neither of the following batters could do anything. Yoshida singled to lead off Marines fourth and was pointlessly bunted to second by Fujioka. With a 4-0 margin this is just a waste of an out. Yoshida stayed on second as neither Okada nor Suzuki had the wherewithal to move him round. Tigers fifth was quiet with the batters falling in order and in fact the fifth was quiet as the Marines batters also did the same. Uemoto led off Tigers sixth with a double but once again Tigers wouldn't do anything about it. Uemoto had made third on Toritani's ground out to second but Gomez struck out to end the innings ending hope and the innings. Fujinami had really struggled with his pitching and over the five innings had thrown 110 pitches. Wisely Wada decided not to risk him for another innings and so he was replaced by Tsutsui. This worked well and the Marines batters went down in order.

Tigers seventh saw the first two batters go down but then Umeno doubled left. Wada went with a pinch hitter - Ryota but he struck out swinging. Tigers had been hitting doubles and getting runners on but frustratingly not getting the next hit to bring them in. Fujioka had also been really miserly with walks and so Tigers runners were always isolated. Wada on the principle that economy and wearing out your pitchers arms is the best policy decided that Tsutsui would pitch another innings - Marines seventh. This wasn't logical or sensible - Tsutsui is really only good for one innings and even at 4-0 the game was still winnable especially with Marines weak relief to come. The decision was self inflicted suicide and Wada should have switched pitchers. The decision was immediately shown to be wrong - Huffman (pinch hitter) led off with a single to left. He was stupid bunted to second by Okada - proof that it is not only the Tigers who indulge in this practice. Suzuki's fly out to right took Huffman to third. Then Tsutsui who should have been replaced at that moment walked Iguchi and then walked Saburo to load the bases. Next he walked Kakunaka - oshidashi 5-0 Marines, bases loaded. Next up Imae who hit a triple to left centre clearing the bases 8-0 Marines, runner on third. Finally, Cruz (pinch hitter and replacement short) struck out to end the innings. It really had been bad management on the part of Wada. For Marines, Masuda took over the pitching and proved to be just what the Tigers needed. Tagami (pinch hitter and replacement centre) singled to lead off the innings. Uemoto hit to short - runners on first and second. Imanari (pinch hitter and replacement third) flew out but Toritani walked to load the bases. Gomez, rediscovering his form, singled to centre to bring in two runs 8-2 Marines, runners on first and third. Murton hit to centre and another run scored 8-3 Marines, runners on first and second. However, Arai flew out in foul ground and Umeno grounded out to end the innings and the Tigers rally fell short. Now just imagine if Wada had used Katoh say for Marines seventh and no runs had been scored that innings. A 4-3 Margin would have been very favourable for a last innings attack by the Tigers. Instead Wada's short sightedness and failure to read the game had cancelled that option before it had the chance to even grow. Tsuru was the pitcher chosen for Marines eighth and He managed surprisingly well not giving up more runs and retiring the batters in order. Tigers ninth was pitched Nishino who retired the batters in order to end the game. Marines victory.

One has to say Marines deserved their victory - Tigers failed to take their chances except for the eighth and managerial ineptness in handling the pitching had once again been significant. Sure conditions hadn't been good but Marines were able to adapt to the conditions much better than Tigers. The casual over-pitching that Wada indulges in because he doesn't have a clue about his pitchers capabilities really does need to be curbed. It did at times feel as if you were watching a bunch of bumbling village idiots not a professional baseball team.
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Re: June 11th Fujinami v Fujioka - Hey Nonny Ho

[ Author: Guest: GG | Posted: Jun 12, 2014 6:54 PM ]
the performance for wednesday game was truly something to be ashamed of. the early string of full-count base hits, the walk-in run, takahiro's sliding missed-catch, gomez's error for a run, the overall ineptness... it was clear that the Tigers werent going to show up, and i was happy they ended the broadcast early. i hate to say it because i love this team, but your 'bumbling idiots' comment was on the mark. it was a worse loss than the score indicates.

i'm willing to chalk this game up to a 'bad day', but even by the numbers alone the pitching is off the wall. chunichi is climbing up our ass (again) and yomiuri pulling away (again). at this point in the season adjustments need to be made before a complete loss of control.
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