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June 27th Messenger v Ohno - The incompetence continues

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June 27th Messenger v Ohno - The incompetence continues

2 replies. Most recent reply: Jun 28, 2014 4:18 PM by Christopher

It is difficult to know where to start. Wada and his team of morons have managed to sink to new levels of stupidity. There was of course the totally breathtaking over-pitching of Messenger in this game - why was it necessary to have him pitch 9 innings and throw 145 pitches apart from sadistic and stubborn adherence to discredited Japanese baseball practices. It nearly lost the game for Tigers as well and did nothing to enhance Tigers chances. Then there was the signing of Tateyama (who received No. 53) about which the only positive thing that can be said was that it was relatively cheap. Finally, we have Wada recalling Fukudome and Nishioka despite the fact that the pair's ni-gun numbers are indifferent to say the least. To make way for themRyota Arai was moved down to the second team. Now Ryota is one of Tigers top scorers with 27 RBIs. He also has a .292 batting average. Tell me in which baseball world do a .214; 1 RBI and a .197; 9 RBI batter neither of whom have shown signs of improvement push out someone with Ryota's figures? It is nearly as stupid as bringing the fat one back up. How are Tigers going to score runs if the important supporting batters (the ones who might finish the season on 40-50 RBIs) are sidelined for ineffective hasbeens. It is time for the Oendan to start a sack Wada campaign. Scores

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 R H E
Dragons 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 7 1
Tigers 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 9 1

Starting Lineups

1. Ohshima (Centre)
2. Hernandez (Short)
3. Luna (Third)
4. Morino (First)
5. Wada (Left)
6. Hirata (Right)
7. Tani (Second)
8. Tanishige (Catcher)
9. Ohno (Pitcher)

1. Nishioka (Third)
2. Uemoto (Second)
3. Toritani (Short)
4. Gomez (First)
5. Murton (Left)
6. Fukudome (Right)
7. Umeno (Catcher)
8. Yamato (Centre)
9. Messenger (Pitcher)

Tigers lineup indicated an obsolete thinking pattern based on seniority and not on winning ability. However, in one respect it had improved with Umeno starting as catcher instead of the fat one. However, the first innings wasn't particularly encouraging. Recently Messenger's location hasn't been as precise and even though Dragons are a weak batting side they were able to take advantage of this. Ohshima led off with a single to left. Hernandez hit to second where Uemoto fielded but couldn't make the throw - runners on first and second. Luna's ground out to third forced out Hernandez but Ohshima made third and Luna got onto first. Next Morino grounded out to second and once again Tigers failed to turn a double play. This was more costly though as Ohshima was home 1-0 Dragons, runner on first. Finally, Wada grounded out to short ending the innings. Dragons settled down to strangle the life out of the game as is their usual wont. Tigers starting pair were rapidly out but Ohno didn't handle Toritani well and the Tigers captain walked. Gomez though flew out to left to end the innings. Dragons second was interesting though. Hirata hit his first pitch into the glove of Yamato and then Tani took two strikes. The third pitch bounced and spun away wildly and Tani who had swung at it raced safely to first. Tanishige hit to third and this time Tigers turned the double play. Murton led Tigers second off with a single to left. Fukudome did nothing and then Umeno hit into a double play and that was Tigers second. Messenger was still struggling and had a lucky escape in Dragons third. With one out Ohshima singled to centre. Then Hernandez his his first pitch to right - runners on first and second. Luna walked to load the bases and Tigers were in trouble. Morino banged the ball into centre but not far enough for Ohshima to feel he could tag up and race home - a wasted opportunity here. Then Wada hit a liner to third; Tigers had escaped. Yamato led Tigers third off with a single to left but this time it was Messenger's turn to hit into a double play. Nishioka flew out to end an undistinguished innings. So far the return of Nishioka and Fukudome could not be said to have added anything to the batting.

Dragons finally failed to get a runner on base - their fourth was a quiet affair with the batters going down in order. Tigers fourth saw Uemoto lead off with a single to centre. The double plays were coming thick and fast though and Toritani became the latest Tiger to hit into one. Gomez hit weakly to the pitcher and that innings was over. Messenger seemed to have found a second wind by now and he struck out Ohno and Ohshima to start Dragons fifth. He walked Hernandez on a full count but then struck out Luna to end the innings. With one out in Tigers fifth Fukudome hit high to left where Wada dropped the ball - an error which put Fukudome on second. Umeno popped out but Yamato took a dead ball and Tigers had runners on first and second. Here Wada left Messenger in and didn't bring on a pinch hitter. This was the right decision in the circumstances but of course meant that no run was scored. Dragons sixth was a quiet innings and no one got on base. With Nishioka out for the third time in a row to start Tigers sixth, Uemoto singled to centre. A wild pitch took him to second and with two outs Gomez singled left. Uemoto was able to race home 1-1 scores tied, runner on first. Murton grounded out to short but Tigers were level.

Dragons seventh saw a one out single to Tanishige. Ohno was instructed to bunt which he did taking Tanishige to second but practically removing the chance of any score. Ohshima then hit to second for the final out. Tigers seventh was quiet and the batters went down in order. Here Messenger should have been replaced but he had only thrown 97 pitches and according to Wada's standards that means you throw another innings. Now it doesn't matter if you are tired and struggling and even if you blow a game; you throw another innings. Wada is nothing if not obtuse and clearly relishes the opportunities that management presents for him to demonstrate this quality in full. Messenger managed to comply and get the batters to fall in order. Tigers eighth was also quiet with no one getting on base. Here we saw a difference in management - Wada decided to push his starter another innings and almost lost the game through his stupid lack of understanding of pitching limits. He has no comprehension of what might happen. Wada led off and hit the ball back at Messenger who couldn't field - Wada was safe on first. Fujii (replacement right) grounded out to second on a full count but moved Wada round to second. Then Tani hit to third where Nishioka fumbled the take badly - runners on first and second. Thankfully, Tanishige struck out and then Ogasawara (pinch hitter) did the same. It had been a lucky escape for Tigers. However, it had stored up trouble for the home team. The replacement pitcher for Ohno was Asao - one fully applauds the fact that Tanishige had gone for the win with the pinch hitter even though it hadn't worked this time. Asao demolished the Tigers batters in the ninth and no one got on base. The game went into extra innings.

Here Tigers brought on the pitcher they should have had in the ninth. Oh pitched the Dragons tenth. Now Nakanishi has been working with Oh 'to correct his problems' and as this is Nakanishi screwing up another relief pitcher. Two outs went down and then as with a lot of Tigers pitchers Oh was too high. Luna slammed the ball into the back screen for a solo home run 2-1 Dragons. Morino hit to second and ended the innings. Dragons had the slender lead back and one wondered whether they would be able to hold it. Dragons switched pitchers to Fukutani who faced Imanari (pinch hitter). He singled left and was pinch run for by Tagami. Wada showed more stupidity and had Yamato bunt Tagami to second. This practically guaranteed that the only thing Tigers could do was tie the game. It was not a winning play. Wada then sent Sekimoto (pinch hitter and replacement third) to the plate. Sekimoto hit right - this brought Tagami 2-2 scores tied but in stunning display of stupidity Sekimoto got himself sandwiched between first and second and was tagged out. This ended the chance of any further score that innings as the bunt had already wasted one out. The cheer that greeted the tying run was quite muted. Wada had wasted a sayonara chance. Nishioka then flew out to second to end the innings. Dragons eleventh was pitched by Fukuhara pitching to Fujii as catcher (as Imanari had pinch hit for Umeno). Really Wada should have used Shimizu here given the fat one's propensity to screw up but Fujii didn't do any damage this time. Dragons had pretty much shut up shop and Fukuhara had an easy job in the eleventh retiring the batters in order. Matayoshi pitched Tigers eleventh and managed to walk Toritani with one out. Tigers should have made something of this but both Gomez and Murton performed miserably and Toritani was stranded on first. Dragons twelveth saw Andoh take over. He got the first two outs and then was inexplicably switched for Katoh. Katoh faced Ohshima who grounded out to second ending the innings. All that remained was Tigers twelveth. The pitcher of course was the old warhorse Iwase. No longer the terror of old he is still a crafty and dangerous opponent. However, he didn't start well giving up a lead off single to - of all surprises - Fukudome. Ogata was chosen as pinch runner for Fukudome. Shunsuke (replacement left) bunted Ogata to second - the first legitimate bunt of the game. Yamato was deliberately walked - it is difficult to understand that one but runners on first and second. Then Sekimoto also walked in four - bases loaded with one out. Here Shimizu was used as a pinch runner for Sekimoto and one struggles to understand the rationale for that move. It was just a pointless change for changes sake. The important runner was Ogata not Sekimoto. The bases were loaded with only one out. Arai (pinch hitter) was next and Iwase lured him into hitting back weakly to the mound. Iwase threw to home for the force out. Next was Uemoto who hit a liner straight to Morino at first. Morino took the catch and Tigers had blown the chance. Tied game.

Dragons could be more satisfied with the result than Tigers. Of course failing to win the game in the bottom of the tenth was a screw up by the visitors who for some reason did not use Iwase then. Tigers though should have done more but Wada seemed determined to demonstrate his total lack of management ability. This latter aspect is deliberate - a Japanese manager when faced with criticism will often do the same thing he has been criticized for in an enhanced form just to demonstrate he will not be moved. This is the case with Wada and the scandalous treatment of Messenger is a prime example. Tigers do need a clean out of both ignorant coaches and manager and redundant hasbeen players.
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Re: June 27th Messenger v Ohno - The incompetence continues

[ Author: Guest: GG | Posted: Jun 28, 2014 3:13 PM ]
it really puzzled me to read that 32 was sent to ni-gun.
what do you think would be the final straw to remove wada?
and could limping into another climax series appearance perhaps extend his tenure another season?

Re: June 27th Messenger v Ohno - The incompetence continues

[ Author: Christopher | Posted: Jun 28, 2014 4:18 PM | Posts: 3482 | From: Tokyo | HAN Fan | Registered: Sep, 2004 ]
I'm afraid that limping to the Climax Series will ensure that Wada is offered another contract - probably another three years. If Tigers have a big losing streak and fan pressure goes there will be a Mayumi situation. A policy will be put in place and if Wada meets it he will be offered another contract. If he misses it he will be required to resign. That way Wada will not actually be sacked but the policy will 'sack' him.
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