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Another Rabbit

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This blog will attempt to report on as many Hanshin Tigers games as possible. Games will be, if possible, reported the day after and on rare occasions the same day.

Another Rabbit

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It's nice to see Tigers pulling off another series win at Nagoya. In the more familiar league they can successfully work round Wada's rank incompetence which couldn't be done in the inter league. The first game of the series went to the Dragons 8-4 with some controversy attached. Tigers bounced back though to take the second 8-1 with Fujinami pitching well but being overpitched. Once he gave up a run it was time to replace him but Wada in his pettiness had Fujinami throw 143 pitches in a pointless complete game. It would have been a great idea to give some of the relief a run out. The final game saw some sense - Messenger's pitch count was too high but he was at least relieved after eight innings. Oh picked up his 22nd save of the season - Nakanishi needn't have worried.
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