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Chiba rant!

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Chiba rant!

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I have not been a big supporter of the Lions' management this season but yesterday's bone-headed decision to start a ni-gun pitcher in the midst of a pennant race might have been their dumbest move yet.

What were they thinking?

Jun Yamamoto got the start in the series closer against the Marines and was brutal. The M's made mince-meat of his batting practice fastball and lack of control, scoring four times in the first two innings to put Sunday's game out-of-reach early. (They would have had more runs if not for some good Lions' defense).

Yamamoto's line? Twelve batters faced, 5 hits and 2 walks. Yech!

Why in the world would you send out a mediocre ni-gun pitcher in the heat of a pennant race? I can't imagine the Yankees or Orioles sending out a triple-A hurler at this time of year. Yamamoto wasn't even that good on the B team, with a 2-6 record and a 4.05 ERA. Would you start this guy against a team like the Marines?

Sure, the Lions' starters might be tiring but the team has two off-days in the next week. In a pennant race, teams normally shorten the bench and bring back their best pitchers on four-days rest. Where was Taka Kishi?

I actually thought about making the long trek to Chiba to watch that game but now, am glad I didn't. In fact, I feel sorry for the many Lions' fans who did go. In my opinion, starting a ni-gun pitcher against a decent-hitting team like the Marines yesterday was an insult to those loyal people who made the trip.

They deserved better than that. The Lions should give them their money back.
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