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Don't mess with the socks!

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Don't mess with the socks!

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Baseball players are superstitious beings and Hiroyuki Nakajima is no different. But tonight, he learned a lesson about messing with the fates during the Lions big 4-2 win over the first-place Fighters.

Fans were startled to see Nakaji come out for pre-game infield with Ichiro-style high-socks tonight, rather than his customary pants-to-the-floor no-socks visible look.

Nakaji must have been watching Ichiro rip up the Blue Jays this week, going 7-for-8 in a twin-bill with for steals. Perhaps he was trying to channel some of Ichi's magic.

Well, it didn't work. Hamster starter Mitsuo Yoshikawa had Nakaji under control for most of the game... actually, he had everyone under control except for Hideto Asamura, who took him deep in the first inning.

By 7th frame, Nakaji had abandoned the high socks for his normal look. Good thing. Cue the 8th inning. Two runners on, after two-out hits by Asamura and Shogo Akiyama. Nakaji strolls to the plate with no socks visible... and proceeds to rip a Yoshikawa fastball into the gap in left. A two-run triple, and the Leos were on their way to a 4-2 win.

The moral of this story? Don't mess with the socks. And don't try to channel Ichiro.

PS: Why do the Fighters outfielders play so shallow? Not sure if they'd had a play on Nakaji's triple, but who knows?

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