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Featuring Mike DeJong (a.k.a. lionsfan)

Mike DeJong roars along with the Saitama Seibu Lions as they pursue the Pacific League pennant.


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Well, put a fork in it, the Lions' hopes of a Pacific League pennant are just about done. Hats off to the Fighters for humiliating the Leos last night 5-0 in Sapporo.

Actually, hats off to two players: Sho Nakata and Mitsuo Yoshikawa, who were all the Hammies really needed last night.

Nakata blasted a pair of home runs, driving in all five runs, backing left-hander Yoshikawa's tidy two-hitter. He earned his 14th win.

Congrats also to Fighters' management for setting up their rotation perfectly for this final series. They had their best pitcher on the hill for the most important game of the season, while the Luddite Lions went with their fourth best pitcher Ryoma Nogami. Nice work again, Nabe-Q!

At least Kishi is on the hill today. Let's see if the Lions can get one game back and make it close down the stretch.

Lions Roar!
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