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NPB Unveils Plan To Shorten Free Agency

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NPB Unveils Plan To Shorten Free Agency
The NPB said it has plans to shorten the time required to achieve free agency. The current system requires a player to achieve 9 years of service time on the top team to qualify for a free agency.

NPB said it will start the new system with players selected in the this year's fall draft.
  1. NPB said it plans on shortening the eligibility period to 7 years of service time for players drafted from the amateur and university leagues.
  2. High school draftees would be required to accumulate 8 years of service time before acquiring free agency.
If passed by a unanimous decision at a meeting on Monday by all 12 NPB teams then it will be presented to the JPBPA, which has been in favor of shortening the time needed to qualify for free agency.

Source: Japan Ball
Re: NPB Unveils Plan To Shorten Free Agency
[ Author: Christopher | Posted: Apr 1, 2008 1:14 PM | HAN Fan ]

This, though, does not apply to players wishing to go overseas. For that right they would still have to have play 9 years in Japan. The JBPA favors an across the board 7 year period (still too long).

The NPB is also proposing a combined draft.
Re: NPB Unveils Plan To Shorten Free Agency
[ Author: Something Lions | Posted: Apr 3, 2008 10:43 AM | SL Fan ]

The ever changing draft system is becoming ridiculous.

The simplest solution would be a straight waiver style (for all available players, of course), with maybe the bottom 4-6 teams in a weighed lottery to prevent tanking.

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