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Number Retirement?

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Number Retirement?
I've heard a lot of teams having "honored numbers," and it seems like those numbers are still in circulation. I know that Yakult has retired Furuta's #27, and I think that Nankai/Daiei/SoftBank retired Katsuya Nomura's number, but I don't know any more off the top of my head. Aside from that, are there any true retired numbers for Japanese teams?
Re: Number Retirement?
[ Author: Christopher | Posted: Aug 3, 2009 7:58 PM | HAN Fan ]

Tigers have three retired numbers 10, 11, 23.
Re: Number Retirement?
[ Author: Rocksfan | Posted: Aug 5, 2009 1:38 AM | CHU Fan ]

Retired numbers by team:
Giants: 1 (Oh), 3 (Nagashima), 4 (Toshio Kurosawa), 14 (Sawamura), 16 (Kawakami), 34 (Masaichi Kaneda)
Dragons: 10 (Tsuguhiro Hattori), 15 (Michio Nishizawa)
Tigers: 10 (Fumio Fujimura), 11 (Minoru Murayama), 23 (Yoshio Yoshida)
Carp: 3 (Sachio Kinugasa), 8 (Koji Yamamoto)
Baystars: 100 (Team)
Fighters: 100 (Yoshinori Ohkoso, former chairman)
Golden Eagles: 10 (fans)

Some teams have "honored" numbers which aren't necessarily not used by anyone else. Here's the list:
Carp: 7 (Kenjiro Nomura), 20 (Manabu Kitabeppu)
Swallows: 1 (Tsutomu Wakamatsu), 8 (Katsuo Ohsugi), 27 (Furuta)
Marines: 26 (fans)
Hawks: 2 (Kenji Johjima), 15 (Masao Fujii), 90 (manga character Yasutake Kageura)
Fighters: 86 (Keiji Ohsawa)

The 2001 BBM baseball card set featured a subset containing cards for all the then retired uniform numbers.

(Got most of this info from wikipedia.)


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