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1896 Ichiko Matches with YCAC

Discussion in the Ask the Commish forum
1896 Ichiko Matches with YCAC
I'm currently working on my final thesis project for a M.A. in Liberal Studies at Arizona State University. The product will be a piece of creative fiction about the games listed in the subject. I spent last summer doing intensive study into Japanese History in the Meiji period, so as to capture the right mood. I've also been doing my own research on the topic. (Thank You Dr. Whiting, your stuff has been invaluable).

Since I'm making a piece that is geared for popular consumption, it won't be purely historical. However, I have a strong desire to be as accurate with the history as possible. However, my ability to read Japanese is yet quite poor, and I believed I've exhausted all the English sources. But I am hoping to discover any biographical data on those boys that played those games. With the sources available in English, we only know the names of the coach, the pitcher, and the last names of 8 other players listed on images of 2 score cards.

So, here is the question: Does anyone know if there are sources in Japanese that give more detailed information on the Japanese players (or even the Americans). I'm particularly interested in issues that relate to specific worldviews (since this in an angle I hope to explore in the work as this period was one of intense competition between worldviews / ideologies). I'm also interested in any biographical data about what they did after school. Did they work in government, industry, military, etc.

The writer in me knows that some things just have to be invented to tell a good story directed at a mass audience. But the scholar in me wants to do my best to accurately represent the individuals involved as much as possible.

Is there anyone here who might be able to assist me?

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