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Damon Hollins: He Never Game Up

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Damon Hollins: He Never Game Up
Damon "Dirty" Hollins is a real trooper. He grew up in the streets of Vallejo, CA. Nothing was ever handed to him. He earned his keep all through high school, minors, and majors. The youngest of three brothers, he sat back and learned how to go for it while watching his brothers go hard. His two brothers didn't get drafted. One should have hands down, but was stiffed by his college coach. Damon saw that hurt. From there he knew nothing was a shoe in. It was a matter of what God wanted from him as long as he didn't give in. Sega Genisis 16 bit was all he knew. Sitting in a room full of loud talking has-beens and a few still trying to make, or catch that big break was all he was exposed to through high school. By Damon keeping a cool head and stayed away from the street gangs and drug dealing scene. He knew just what it would take to get his big break.

After signing in the 9th round with the Atlanta Braves he spent 10 rough up and down years in the minors, but never gave up. Despite putting on extraordinary displays in spring training, he would be the last to be cut.

What did he do? He thought about those rough streets in the bay of Northern California and the heart aches and pains of failure in his own home. He did what his family and his heart told him to do. Except the assignment to Richmond triple-A and ball even harder. After leaving as a free agent, he signed with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, playing 2 years finishing in double figures in home runs both years as a part time player. Not to mention being on ESPN's top 10 plays of the week several times.

Hats off to you Damon Hollins for doing what the late great Jimmy Valvano said; "Don't guve up, don't ever give up."

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