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Official Sites in English

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Official Sites in English
I don't speak Japanese, so I was wondering if there was a way I could get the Nippon League and its teams' sites in English? I'd appreciate any help.
Re: Official Sites in English
[ Author: westbaystars | Posted: Jan 18, 2003 4:58 PM | YBS Fan ]

Let's see. There weren't any last year, but I haven't gone through the official sites yet this year. So, this is as good a time as any...

Nippon Professional Baseball - Japanese only
Japan Professional Baseball Players' Association - Japanese only
NPB Baseball Information System - English and Japanese

Central League - Japanese only
Yomiuri Giants - Japanese only
Yakult Swallows - Japanese only
Chunichi Dragons - Japanese only
Hanshin Tigers - Japanese only
Hiroshima Toyo Carp - Japanese only
Yokohama BayStars - Japanese only

Pacific League - Japanese only
Seibu Lions - Japanese only
Osaka Buffaloes - Japanese only
Fukuoka Daiei Hawks - Japanese only (English info on area - not Hawks)
Chiba Lotte Marines - Japanese only
Nippon Ham Fighters - Japanese only
Orix BlueWave - Japanese only

As you can see, English is not yet a supported language by the powers-that-be.

Unofficially, this site and the three Japanese baseball insiders, Gary Garland, Jim Albright, and John Holway, have a lot of information in English. See the links sections on both sites for news and other English sites.
Re: Official Sites in English
[ Author: Guest: eric | Posted: May 22, 2003 5:21 AM ]

Last year, the Nippon league [NPB] had an English version of its web site. This season it does not appear to have an English version.
Re: Official Sites in English
[ Author: westbaystars | Posted: Jun 3, 2003 8:57 AM | YBS Fan ]

Looks like the above didn't answer the "English" part of the question.

For "interesting" on-line translation, there's Babelfish. To take a look at the BayStars' official site above in English:
  1. Move this browser window to the left part of your screen.
  2. Open the above link in a new window (right click -- click and hold on Mac the Babelfish link above and select "Open Link in New Window").
  3. Position the Babelfish browser window so that the "Translate a Web page" portion is below (and toward the right of) this page. Essentially, with this page on top, you want to be able to see the box with "http://" in it.
  4. Remove the "http://" from the "Translate a Web page" edit box.
  5. Drag and drop the "Yokohama BayStars" link from above to the edit box you just cleared.
  6. Select "Japanese to English" below where you just dragged the BayStars' official site URL.
  7. Click the "Translate" button.
  8. If necessary, move the window to a higher position so that the full window shows.
* I've only tested these instructions with Mozilla Firebird on Mac OSX. Please modify for your browser and/or platform.

Peoples' names are often butchered, as are team names. Makes for great entertainment, though, if you're bilingual.

Hope this helps.

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