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Hanshin Tigers in English

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Hanshin Tigers in English
Please visit to my website [TigersToday] which has some information about the Hanshin Tigers in English.

Though I am not so good at English, I am trying hard to be careful as much as possible when I write texts. Therefore, please forgive me for my poor English.

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Re: Hanshin Tigers in English
[ Author: Kiyoshi | Posted: Mar 14, 2003 3:12 AM | HAN Fan ]

Great Site, Trey T. !!!
Re: Hanshin Tigers in English
[ Author: Trey T. | Posted: Mar 14, 2003 2:39 PM ]

Thank you, Kiyoshi.

I would greatly appreciate your advice or suggestion on my poor English or any matter.

Trey T.
Re: Hanshin Tigers in English
[ Author: torakichi | Posted: Mar 14, 2003 9:49 AM | HT Fan ]

I like it, too.

Here's a suggestion. Why not list the players' "hitting marches" so that non-Japanese readers can sing them, too? Truth be known, I used to have such a page on my old website, but I got too lazy and took the site off the net.

It's almost kaimaku (opening day). Time to start warming up the ol' vocal cords (all together now)...

Moeruuuuuu tokonnnnnn
Kono hitofuri-niiiiii
Unareeeeee Imaokaaaaaa
Makoto-no kyuseishuuuuuu
(Kattobaseeeeee Imaoka!)
Re: Hanshin Tigers in English
[ Author: Guest: shishimaru | Posted: Mar 19, 2003 9:35 PM ]

Sorry, but wasn't it "unare, Imaoka, warera no kyuseishu"? Just thought i'd say that...
Re: Hanshin Tigers in English
[ Author: torakichi | Posted: Mar 22, 2003 4:23 PM | HT Fan ]

No, it's "Makoto-no." It's a play on his name, Makoto, which in this context hails him as the "true (makoto-no) saviour."

As is the case with many songs, this one too may well have been recycled, i.e., it may have been used for an erstwhile member of the Hanshin Tigers who has since retired. In such case, the previous lyrics may well have been "Warera-no," but in Imaoka's case, it's "Makoto-no."

See here, here or here (all in Japanese only) for just three of many examples.
Re: Hanshin Tigers in English
[ Author: torakichi | Posted: Mar 22, 2003 6:23 PM | HT Fan ]

I forgot to add...

Hirashita's song has a "warera-no" in it; perhaps that's causing some confusion.

Ozora-ni ko-o egakuuuuuu
Hissatsu-no ichigeki-oooooo
Ima koko-deeee kimete-yareee
Warera-no Hirashitaaaaaaaa
Re: Hanshin Tigers in English
[ Author: Guest: shishimaru | Posted: Mar 24, 2003 3:48 PM ]

Ohhh... Hehe... Sorry. I've been singing it wrong at a bunch'a games last year then. Looks like I'll be careful on 4/8 - Koshien kaimaku.

Also, do you know the new song for Akahoshi? And also the song for Kanemoto?
Re: Hanshin Tigers in English
[ Author: torakichi | Posted: Mar 24, 2003 10:16 PM | HT Fan ]

This [Tigers' MIDI] is the best site to get 'em at. In Japanese only, but they have simple MIDI tracks so you can learn the tunes before you go.
Re: Hanshin Tigers in English
[ Author: Rokko Oroshi | Posted: Mar 27, 2003 1:36 PM | HT Fan ]

Trey T.

Thanks for the site. I am back in the USA and always looking for more Hanshin information in English.

Your English is better than my Nihongo, so I cannot complain!!

Here is a march for Ariasu I was given last summer when I was living in Tokyo. I hope it is OK:

Haruka Bokoku
Daichi de hagukunda
Sono power ima butsu kero
Mecia from USA
Jeorgi, Jeorji

Re: Hanshin Tigers in English
[ Author: Trey T. | Posted: Mar 31, 2003 1:01 AM ]

Thank you for all opinions.

A few days ago, I received a mail from Judy Pote, who lives in Chicago and is Lou Pote's mom. I am glad to know that my website is useful for her.

I will update my web site as soon as possible about game scores. But expect it to be step by step, for example hitting marches:

Opening game starters' marches
  1. 2B #7 Imaoka, Moeru toukon konohitofurini unare Imaoka makoto-no kyuseishu
  2. CF #53, Akahoshi, Field kakenukeru sekaiichi-no sprinter kitai-to yume-nosete hashire akai-suisei akahoshi
  3. LF #6,Kanemoto, Dakyuu-ga rightstand-wo hitomatagi soreyuke chance-da Kanemoto moero Kanemoto
  4. RF #25, Hamanaka, Hamanaka Hamanaka kokomade todokasero ippatu-chouda imasugu buchikome
  5. 1B #24, Hiyama, Kono-ichida-ni kakero kiai-de furinukeyo daremo omae-wo tomerarenai Hiyama-yo tuppashire
  6. 3B #14, G. Arias, Haruka bokoku daichi-de hagukunnda sono power ima butukero mesia from U.S.A George! George!
  7. C #39,Yano, Kattobase Yano kattobase Yano kattobase Yano Yano Yano!
  8. SS #9, Fujimoto, Soreyuke Fujimoto goukai-ni sharp-ni kattobase soreyuke Fujimoto eikan-wo tukamunda
  9. P #29, Igawa, Kattobase Igawa kattobase Igawa kattobase Igawa kattobase Igawa

I appreciate all your continued support.

Trey T.

Tigers in First
[ Author: Kiyoshi | Posted: Apr 2, 2003 10:48 AM | HAN Fan ]

Hanshin Tigers are in first !!!

For how long? All season!!!

My late grandfather, Norikazu Konishi, would be elated.
Re: Hanshin Tigers in English
[ Author: Sara B | Posted: May 3, 2003 7:33 PM | HT Fan ]

I like Trey T's Hanshin page very much. Another Hanshin site in English that has proved quite useful is: The Hanshin Tigers Page.

And of course there are the various official NPB websites, which are in Japanese. Just a week's worth of katakana study will enable you to enjoy these very much, however -- do not be daunted, oh fans of heart. Rokko oroshi!
Re: Hanshin Tigers in English
[ Author: Guest: Allen Bacon | Posted: May 12, 2003 2:55 PM ]

I just visited your English web site on the Tigers and really enjoyed it. Keep up the great work. Your English is good enough to get a good understanding at this point, and I am sure it will get even better as you go along.


Allen Bacon
Fullerton, CA, USA
Re: Hanshin Tigers in English
[ Author: Kiyoshi | Posted: May 14, 2003 10:26 AM | HAN Fan ]


Thank you for putting the leader's list for both leagues. May I have permission to use your stats as refeference in some of my writing?

Great job!
Re: Hanshin Tigers in English
[ Author: Trey T. | Posted: May 15, 2003 12:03 AM ]

- May I have permission to use your stats as refeference in some of my writing?

Yes, please, with pleasure. Kiyoshi.

Since I started my website, I recieved a lot of mails from many people - Lou Pote's mother, Trey Moore's sister, minor league players and staff, and many baseball fans who are interested in Hanshin Tigers and Japanese baseball. And they all gave me kind words and advice. I am thankful to them.

Many people wish me to post information about not only Tigers, but also the whole of Japanese baseball. But I won't get around to them because I have little power. I'm sad.

Though I'll give priority to enrich topics about the Hanshin Tigers on my website for the moment, I'll also write some topics about the other 11 teams when I have enough time.


Trey T.
Re: Hanshin Tigers in English
[ Author: Guest: Richard | Posted: May 14, 2003 10:55 AM ]

Fantastic site, Trey! Lots of great information and up to date too!

I went to go see the Tigers at Koshien on 5 May (Childrens day) here in Osaka. The weather was great and the Tigers won 4-0 over Yakult. The seats were very cramped though (worse than a movie theatre!) and there was an old Obaachan (granny) sitting near me moaning "Moo akan wa" (that's useless). She was really annoying.

The atmosphere was great, though. Moore was pitching well, and the Tigers were in control. I even bought one of those plastic bats that you bang together.

What is it with Japanese TV? Why do they show Giants' games instead of Tigers' games in Osaka? They did show the Tigers-Carps game yesterday from 7pm when it started at 6? From 6 to 7 was some cartoons on that channel?

Re: Hanshin Tigers in English
[ Author: Guest: Guest | Posted: Jun 7, 2003 4:14 PM ]

Trey T., you must put your web site back on. It was so wonderful for us Kanji impaired foreigners.

I hope others out there understand, and learn to appreciate for that matter, that you are a fan and only reporting on what you see, good or bad. Of course we all only want to hear the good stuff, but that's impossible, as we are all human. Your English is wonderful, comical at times, but in a good way. Everyone should learn to laugh a little more, and remember this is a game, careers for some, but nonetheless... a game!
Re: Hanshin Tigers in English
[ Author: Kiyoshi | Posted: Jun 7, 2003 10:52 PM | HAN Fan ]

Trey T. - You provided a great site in a great year for Hanshin. Don't be discoraged. U.S. President Abraham Lincoln said, "You can't please all the people all the time."

I urge everyone to write Trey to encourage him to continue the unofficial Tigers' English site at: trey_toratake at hotmail dot com.

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It is my sincere hope that once you learn a bit about what we're about here that you will join the community of contributors.

Michael Westbay
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