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PYS5 Translation Thread

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PYS5 Translation Thread
I'm going to centralize all translations on this thread. In an effort to remove clutter, I will NOT be accepting any replies to this particular thread.

First up is the Exhibition Mode or the one titled "Match up" on the main menu.

The first screen is pretty explainable by the pictures they use. Vs. COM, Field Play, Spectator Mode, Two Player, and Two Player Co-op.

After you select both teams, you press up and down to select whether you want the DH or not. Top is DH and bottom is no DH. Press left and right to set who is at home and who is away. Pictures on there should give you an idea which is which.

When you do that, you get uniform select. Pretty simple. You'll have to unlock a few extra uniforms with VP points in order to see more choices here. After that screen, you get stadium select. Up and down for day and night games. L1 and R1 sets whether you want wind or not. Domes are automatically no wind.

Next is where you set the batting order, call up/send down players, etc. This is a fairly complicated screen, so here we go.

Across the top of the screen is...

Confirm, Call up/Send down fielders, Call up/Send down pitchers, Reset(sets batting order back to where it was before you modified it)

Konami baseball games have always used color coding to identify player positions.


A lot of players can play multiple positions, so use the players' defensive fielding attribute screen to identify who is suitable to play where. The grading goes from G to S. S being a godly level of skill. The higher your grade at that position, the more of a jump you will get to balls hit in that area. You'll understand the importance of good defense when you play more.

As far as positions go, the Japanese games use traditional kanji characters. You'll memorize these characters eventually, as most are very simple. For now, here's a legend.

一 First base
二 Second base
三 Third base
遊 Shortstop
捕 Catcher
中 Center
左 Left
右 Right
投 Pitcher
指 DH

The main player attribute screen over the defensive positioning reads like this.

Contact vs. righties, Contact vs. lefties
Power, Speed

When you press R2, you get a very detailed attribute screen that looks like this.

Contact vs. righties
Contact vs. lefties
Throwing accuracy
Catching ability
Arm strength

The next screen shows the previous year's stats with endurance and fatigue over that. Try not to let fatigue get over 40% or else you risk injury or bad condition.

The next screen shows special abilities, and as interesting as that is, it's a bit too complicated to make a comprehensive translation. The screen after that is for AI settings such as aggressive baserunning and patient batting.

For pitchers, this is the way the pitches work. Say a pitcher has a fastball at DE. D would be the sharpness of the pitch, aka his "stuff". The lower the grade, the easier it is to hit. E would be the control he has over that particular pitch. With the breaking pitches, there is also a separate indicator for pitch break. You can have a bad slider, but it could still be effective if it breaks well and you just use it to make batters go fishing. Miss your location, though, and it's going to be hit hard.

As far as condition AKA the little smilies, sometimes it's wise to have a low condition player in there. For example, I never take out Tsuyoshi Nishioka out of the starting lineup unless he needs a rest. He has a B rating at shortstop and nobody else covers that much ground. Even if he goes 0 for 4, he's valuable just for defense alone.

We're going to advance from that player screen now and get to the settings. Konami made a more user friendly setting system this year. First screen you will see will show the PS3 controller with two options. The top is for the new easy settings and bottom is for the complicated in depth settings.

We're going to go to the easy settings first. Next screen shows you two pictures. Do you want to play with the analog stick or digipad? Analog gives you fast reaction time and is a lot easier. Digital is for old school players and gives you a bit more of a challenge, especially on higher pitch speeds.

Next is baserunning. Top option is auto baserunning(base stealing is still manual), bottom is manual.

Defense is next and the options from top to bottom are auto, semi-auto(catching the ball is auto), and manual.

Difficulty is after that. Top to bottom is easy, normal, and hard. Easy and normal have the same normal difficulty, but easy will give you pitch cursor hints.

Pitch speed is next. Top is slow and bottom is fast.

Then it's the pitch mixing gauge. This shows you what the COM batter is expecting. The more to the left the gauge is, the slower the pitch he is expecting. The more to the right, the faster. Top is on and bottom is off.

Once you've entered all this info, there will be a new option at the beginning of this all that will give you the option to play with the settings you just made.

Next, let's go to the advanced settings. I'm going to be writing this all with every single feature unlocked, so keep that in mind. Things like Middle+ pitch speed and Spirits difficulty need to be unlocked in VP Shop.

Pitch speed - Slow, Slow+, Basic, Basic+, Middle, Middle+, Real
Computer AI - Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Perfect, Spirits, Custom
CPU Pitching
CPU Batting
CPU Baserunning
CPU Defense

Custom difficulty allows you to set difficulty for each individual aspect of the computer game. For CPU batting and pitching, there is the ability to set AI to Normal+, Hard-, and Hard+ once you purchase it from the VP Shop.

Pitching - TV, TV(zoom), Catcher, Catcher(zoom)
Batting - Same as above
Defense - Normal, Normal(wide), Reverse
Base Running - Same as above

Type - Analog, Digital
Force Feedback - On, Off

Cursor - Normal, Normal(big), Area, Lock-on, Zone
Pitch Point Style - Normal, Real(movement to fastballs, bigger break, and slider drops), Off
Strike Zone - Show All, Strength/Weakness Only, Strike Zone Only, Off
CPU Pitch Cursor Display - Show, Only Release Timing, Fade Style, Off
CPU Pitch Type Display - Detailed, Vague, Off

Type - Release Timing, Auto
Pitch Button - X, Triangle
Pitch Cursor - On, Timing Only, Fade, Off
Pitch Type Display - Detailed, Vague, Off
Pitch Point Style - Normal, Real, Off
Pitch Cycle - Real(catcher throws ball back), Fast
CPU Strike Zone - Show All, Strength/Weakness Only, Strike Zone Only, Off

Base Running
Type - Manual, Classic(Pawapuro Style), Assist, Auto

Type - Manual, Assist, Auto Catching, Auto
Throw Type - All Four Buttons, Direction+X
Formation(Advanced base covering) - Standard, Basic, Pro
Fly Ball Cursor - On, Off
Fielder Cursor - Under Feet, Over Head, Name Only, Off
Cursor Control(Set which fielder you control via R2 button) - Semi-Auto, Auto
Action Button - Manual(square to lunge, triangle to jump, and X to dive), Easy

Style - Manual, Auto
Defensive Shifts(the way the CPU will auto set shifts for you) - Aggressive, Theory, Safe
Defensive Shift Entry - Guide(press L1 to get the big shift menu), Simple(press L1 and use dpad to go through different shifts quickly)
Block Sign - Guide, Simple, Off

Player Info - Normal, Limited
Abilities - On, Off
Guide - On, Off
Timing Guide - On, Off
Mix Pitch Meter - On, Off
Re: PYS5 Translation Thread
[ Author: BigManZam | Posted: Apr 11, 2008 1:23 PM | CLM Fan ]

Here is a quick guide to Block Sign and Defensive Shifts. You can use these same commands online and you will eventually memorize them all. First is Block Sign. You hold the L2 button when you enter these commands.

Triangle - Hit and run
R2 - Bunt(computer automatically sets this when you square to bunt, so I wouldn't worry too much about this)
R2+Triangle - Squeeze
Square+Down - Go on grounder
Square+Square+Down - Run on contact

On defense...
R2 - Bunt press
Up - Waste pitch
Up+Up - Intentional walk
L1+X - Infield charge
Triangle+O - Second baseman covers second on pickoff
Triangle+Square - Shortstop covers second on pickoff
Square - Switch to set position(useful when you don't want to waste too much time when pitching online)

Next is shifts. All you have to do is press L1 when you're pitching and it'll bring up the defensive shift screen. This is all very visual, so you should get the general idea. The different shades under each defender indicate just how much ground they cover.

Next I'll explain controls and little tricks you can use to get the most out of the game. First, very basic controls.

Batting Controls

X - Pull hitting
O - Slap hitting
R1 - Power swing
R2 - Bunt

Batting Tips

Try to pull almost everything if you want to hit home runs. The difference in power is huge. There will be some pitches on the very outside edge you won't be able to power unless you have a special opposite field power ability and time the power slap hit just right. Power slap hits require a somewhat later timing than pull hits.

Contact wise, you shouldn't try and pull anything on the outside part of the plate. Always try and go opposite way. Some power hitters will struggle to do this, though.

To get the most speed out of your base runners, repeatedly press the four shoulder buttons to get a boost in speed. This is crucial for getting triples, stolen bases, and sac flies.

Pitching/Defensive Controls

Everything here is self-explanatory. I think the only things you need to know on pitching/defense is the use of the right analog stick. Pressing it up will enable "zenryoku pitching" or full power pitching. This increases the power and effectiveness of that pitch, but it also takes off a lot of stamina. Personally, I never use this feature, as I think it's cheap. You can also press down on the right analog stick and touch the rosin bag. In addition to creating the cool rosin effect, this actually helps your release timing when your pitcher is tired late in the game. Remember, though, perfect release timing can even be hit hard when a pitcher is too tired to throw effectively.

Pitching Tips

Try to vary location and pitch speed. Also try to get the batter to swing for something outside the strike zone. This is the key to getting strike outs on harder difficulties.

Every now and then you will see an indicator like a base runner is taking off, but it will blink. You're supposed to check the runner in these situations, so have your catcher throw to first to try and pick off the runner.
Re: PYS5 Translation Thread
[ Author: BigManZam | Posted: Apr 13, 2008 6:28 AM | CLM Fan ]

Pennant Mode

The beginning is just an introduction saying that you control everything outside of the game like a manager and everything in the game like a player. Then it takes you to the team select screen. Choose a team and it'll give a brief synopsis of the previous season, the potential for this season, and last season's rank.

After that, it gives you two options. You can start Pennant immediately or tweak to your liking using customized teams. We'll go with the bottom option. Then you'll have two options.

1. Modify teams
2. Start with default teams

We'll pick the top option. They then explain that any player you upgrade in the VP Shop can't be used with those upgrades once you begin a Pennant. You need to purchase upgrades prior to starting.

Next screen is the Utility Mode screen for the teams, and I'll cover that later. Once you confirm that all, you'll go to the ichi-gun(top team) selection screen.

Top three options are confirm, fielders, and reset.

The far left column is the starting rotation. Middle is relief. Far right is closer.

If you scroll past the very bottom, you can see the ni-gun(farm) roster. Once you confirm your pitching, it'll take you to the screen for fielders. Same thing.
The right side is obviously for bench players. Once you confirm your roster, it'll take you to the main Pennant menu.

From left to right, here is what the options are.

1. Go to game
2. Calender
3. Goals
4. Training
5. Management
6. Statistics
7. System
8. Quit

If you go to the game, it'll immediately take you to the pitcher screen. Across the top is which starter is scheduled to take the mound. Confirm that and you get the batting order screen. Once you set your order, you get a choice of how you want to play this game. Everything has Engish under the Japanese, so there's no reason to translate. The boxes next to some of the options are for settings.

Calender is pretty straightforward. Press L2 and R2 to skip months. Press L1 and R1 to toggle between teams. Skip ahead to a date and press O to simulate until that day. You'll get some options when you do this. Yes, No, and set orders.

Goals can't be used until you earn enough experience points with a player to unlock an "awakening challenge" event. Usually this means you'll have to hit a certain amount of hits or enter a certain amount of games before you can unlock your new abilities.

Training for players is like this. First screen is for players on ichi-gun and you can only access this when you're playing a game at home. Ni-gun players can train all the time. To start off, Ichi-gun players will only have the option to train for 3 or 4 EXP per day. They can also learn certain abilities, but this will take many more days and there is still a chance the training won't be a success.

Ni-gun training is somewhat different. You earn only 2 EXP per day. You can also convert players between starter and reliever, convert to different positions, as well as learn new pitches. You can also increase condition by 1 level on low condition players, but it takes 2 days of training.

You will see NO RESULTS in training if you skip games, so player them out for the full experience.

Management will open up a little window in the main menu. It looks like this.

1. Roster management
2. View player abilities
3. Scout foreign players
4. Sign original player(Spirits Mode)
5. Trade
6. Release player

The foreign player screen is self-explanatory. The next screen is like this.

1. Throwing arm
2. Bats

Automatically set to "right" for both. The next option is left, then switch for bat.

You can't release ichi-gun players and you can't release while you're trying to make a trade. You also can't release players during the Nihon Series, All Star Game, or Asia Series.

I'll translate stats at a later time.

System will open a menu just like Management.

1. Save
2. Pennant Settings
3. Match Settings
4. Edit Uniform Numbers
5. Edit Ouenka(support songs)
6. Edit Player Names(not like you think, so don't try to make them all English)

The really amazing thing about this year's game is that you can edit numbers and ouenka for every single team now. It used to be just your own team. This will make CPU made trades a lot more realistic with being able to assign numbers yourself.

Pennant Settings
1. COM Trade Rule - Free, Only Your Team, None
2. Retirement and reentering game - On(default)
3. Rain outs - On(default)

What that retirement thing means is that old players can retire and come back in a future draft.

Match Settings
1. 1P Condition Mark - Random(default)
2. COM Condition Mark - Random(default)
3. Errors - On, Off
4. Injuries - On, Off
5. Replays - On, Off
6. Cut Scenes - Normal, Few, Very Few
7. Innings - 1, 3, 6, 9
8. Extra Innings - None, 12, 15
9. Called - None, 1-10 runs
10. Ball Type - Normal, Light, Very Light, Heavy
11. Color Commentary - Random, Pattern 1, Pattern 2, Pattern 3, Pattern 4

Don't mind the color commentary option. This is just set so certain guys give commentary for teams they used to play for.
Re: PYS5 Translation Thread
[ Author: Guest: Tim | Posted: Apr 13, 2008 9:28 AM ]

Im new to this game. Whats withthe ball type?
Re: PYS5 Translation Thread
[ Author: BigManZam | Posted: Apr 19, 2008 5:14 AM | CLM Fan ]

Sorry for not updating in a while. I've been busy. I apologize for taking this long to translate the best part of this game, Online Mode.

First screen is the online agreement. Left is agree and right is disagree.

Next screen is for Konami ID and password input. On the left is what you press to advance into online. Right is to connect to the internet browser in order to register. This will take you out of the game. Below both of those is the option for remembering your password.

Next up is server selection. Just always pick the top server. Nobody goes into the secondary server.

Rank matches look like this.

1. Start Match
2. Individual Ranking
3. Match History

You can press square to see your stats. In Match History, you can press O and put that player in your ignore list. Great for cheaters or people who just hit homeruns off of all your good pitches.

Free matches break down like this. Yellow servers are middle speed pitching and all your stats register. Blue practice servers are middle speed pitching and stats do not register. Green basic is with basic speed pitching and red real is for real speed pitching.

When you enter a room in free matches, your options look like this.

1. Create Room
2. Refresh Room
3. Individual Ranking
4. Leave

I'll skip straight to options. Top is normal game options. Under that are online options, then you have your ignore list. Online options look like this...

News - All, Scores With News, Scores Only, News Only, Off
Ticker Speed - Normal, Somewhat Fast, Fast
Auto Port Assignment - On, Off
Port Assignment - 5730
Re: PYS5 Translation Thread
[ Author: Guest | Posted: Apr 19, 2008 9:53 AM ]

Hey BigZ, what are the options (maybe game difficulty)that you can select when creating matches online in free-match? Thanks
Re: PYS5 Translation Thread
[ Author: Guest | Posted: May 2, 2008 12:31 AM ]

I was wondering if it would be possible to translate some of the Block Sign commands if I'd send you pictures of the screen ?

(I'm playing in manage-only mode but can't understand all commands).

(You can reply on my email)

Thank you
Re: PYS5 Translation Thread
[ Author: Guest | Posted: Mar 31, 2009 5:18 AM ]

I realize that this is an old thread, but I just need to add this.

Good post btw, thanks for the info.

But I was wondering: anybody has a translation for the "abilities?" like, the pink skills... no idea what they say /

ok, thanks
Re: PYS5 Translation Thread
[ Author: Guest: garcia | Posted: Apr 6, 2009 11:42 AM ]

I have just bought the game y this thread will help me mucho. Thanks
Re: PYS5 Translation Thread
[ Author: Guest | Posted: Apr 16, 2009 11:34 PM ]

I need help to change the difficulty settings on Pennant Race, can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.

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