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How do you prevent the AI from altering your roster in pennant mode?

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How do you prevent the AI from altering your roster in pennant mode?
I've played about a month and over that period, three of my players have been sent to ni-gun without me doing anything. Obviously, this gets annoying because they have to stay there for 10 days before I can bring them back. Is there a way to turn off these auto roster moves?

If it helps, two players were pitchers and one was a hitter. My pitchers, even though I do a 6-man rotation, are always a little tired when their turn comes up (10-20%) so the AI will switch some of them out. I scouted a gaijin player and he automatically replaced a player on my main roster without me getting any say in the matter. So, I can avoid scouting foriegn players but I am not sure of the best way to manage pitcher fatigue.

Any help would be appreciated.
Re: How do you prevent the AI from altering your roster in pennant mode?
[ Author: Guest | Posted: Mar 24, 2009 5:25 AM ]

Kamachi-san, if you are playing season mode and you simulate some games; the CPU takes over your team (management and rosters) for that period making ALL decisions for you. And if you are playing Stardom mode you have no choice; as you are a player, not management.

As for controlling pitcher's fatigue levels; not all pitchers are work horses (this game is pretty accurate with this) so you need to "know" your pitchers' limits.

Make sure you are you are looking at their fatigue/stamina attributes; this is represented by a letter (S, A, B, C, D, E, F or G) S is best, G is worst. Each pitcher is different so you need to use them wisely. Sometimes you will have no choice but to send someone down and bring up a fresh arm.

Also when playing them, don't pitch them an entire game (not all of them can do this effectively); and have a pitch count for certain pitchers. I actually used the pitcher stats on this website to average my pitchers' innings, (believe it or not) and it helped me better manage my pitchers and know their limits.

Hope this helps.
Re: How do you prevent the AI from altering your roster in pennant mode?
[ Author: kamachi | Posted: Mar 29, 2009 1:33 PM | YG Fan ]

Thanks, Cyphre...this really helped. What happened was when I got to the Monday (off day) I simmed it. Four times, four different roster moves. Now I know why and can avoid it!


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