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My Pennant, My Settings

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My Pennant, My Settings
Started a Pennant Mode with the Nippon Ham Fighters because I love pitching with Yu Darvish. My diffifculty settings are as follows:

Pitch Speed: Middle+
CPU Pitching: Hard+
CPU Batting: Perfect
CPU Baserunning: Perfect
CPU Defense: Hard

My record so far is 11-7-1, but could be much worse. I lost Yu Darvish for a month after his very first start. First game of the season I pitched him 12 innings, 150+ pitches, but strained his shoulder muscle in the process. Got him the win thankfully with a sayonara hit in the bottom of the 12th so not all bad. Inaba has been on fire for me. No matter what ballpark or what pitcher he absolutely rakes. Hes currenly hitting over .300 with 6 bombs and 12 rbi. In Yu's place I called up a Ni-Gun named Sakakibara and he has gotten me 2 wins! Yu is due back in less than 10 days and I'm not sure if I want to drop Sakakibara back down or drop Sweeney who has been less than stellar. Anybody else got a good season going?
Re: My Pennant, My Settings
[ Author: Guest: thenewcurse | Posted: Aug 7, 2009 9:48 AM ]

I have a pennant mode going with the BayStars. I'm playing at a level that is perhaps above my skill level but am figuring things out of late. I started the season 0-11, but have made a number of trades, acquiring Fukuchi from the Swallows for Uchikawa, and Ishii from the Lions for 3 players at ni-gun. Since, the team is playing very well, 11-12-1 in our first interleague test and have climbed to 21-40-1 overall. While we're still in last place, we stand 15 back of the Giants after being 20 back a month prior and have climbed to within 6 games of 5th place in the Central. Murata and Yoshimura have carried the club, hitting 40 HR's combined through roughly 40% of the season.

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