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Finally Won the WBC!!!!!!!!!

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Finally Won the WBC!!!!!!!!!
Took the USA all the way!

CAN 7-1
VEN 4-2
VEN 8-5
P.R. 5-2
VEN 3-2
VEN 2-0
CUBA 6-4


Every game except for my 1st against Canada was a nailbater to get to this. The finale against none other the Japanese National Team. I lucked out with mine and the Japanese's pitching staff. I was able to roll out Oswalt who was feeling fantastic. And the Japanese could only counter with Wakui who was feeling ok. However Wakui was able to hold me to just 2 runs through the first 5 innings. Its fine though Oswalt has been throwing fire and the Japanese big bats can't touch his breaking balls. However they chip away and get a run in the 6th. Then the japanese strike for 2 more in the 7th with their small ball tactics. 3-2 Japan when they score again and make it 4-2 in top of the eighth. This is not happening, I didn't bring these guys all this way to lose now. We beat'em in WW2 for a reason! I get a run across with 1 out in the bottom of the eighth and am threatening with a man on 3rd and 1st with Rollins up to bat. Grounder to short double play! SHIT!!!! Top of the 9th goes by with little to do. Bottom of the ninth 4-3 Japan at this point. Guess whos comin in? Kyuji Fujikawa. Fuck this!!!! Alright compose, I got the heart of my lineup comin to bat. Youkilis, Dunn, and Braun. Youkilis has been magma hot and tearing the cover off the ball. Dude's hitting .468 with 5HR and 9RBI If anybody's tying this game up its Youk. Nope, weak pop-up. One out and strike-out/HR machine Dunn is up. I leave him in since he's a lefty and can also make one swing to tie it up. First pitch I see, single! No way I can't believe it. Ok man on first and up steps Ryan Braun also making a strong case for WBC MVP hitting over .300 with 6HR and 8RBI!!!! For a second and I mean a millisecond I think about bringing in Chipper Jones, dude has a S rating versus rightys and S power!! But I say no and stick with the horses I rode in on. First pitch from Fujikawa, strike!, lasers a fastball to the upper outside for strike one. Alright if Im going to get anything on this guy its gotta be early in the count, Im going after the very next pitch. Low inside fastball, CRACK!, Braun smashes one down the line, will it stay fair!?!??!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Walk off 2 run homer for the TITLE!!!

Japanese are stunned, Americans elated!!

Needles to say Braun won the MVP, going .357 with 7HR and 10RBI
Re: Finally Won the WBC!!!!!!!!!
[ Author: HaterAid | Posted: Dec 30, 2009 7:51 AM ]

how awesome is that Im in the semi finals and playing japan, Ive played them like 8 times and lost every time as that japan pitcher is tough. Do you know how to get rid of that pitching tip that pops us after every pitch, its like a help tip or something but very annoying. Great job in winning it all. I remember the 1st game i had versus canada as team usa and boy they bashed me to death, couldnt get out bay, russell, or morneau, but eventually started figuring it out which currently again has me in the semifinals

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