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PYS6 Perfect Game!

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PYS6 Perfect Game!
Today I powered up PYS6 for the first time in about a week (New Year's and work stuff getting in the way), and I decided to play an exhibition game between the Giants and the Dragons.

I called up Obispo and put him in the bullpen expecting that I would have to go there at some point. Boy was I mistaken. I had my first chance in the top of the first off Dragons starter Yoshimi. After two quick outs were recorded, Ogasawara and Ramirez rapped singles, but Kamei popped out.

I started Greisinger since I just wanted to see how nasty his stuff was. I used his vulcan changeup and fastball, painting the corners. I had five strikeouts through the first five innings. I didn't get through the first five perfect without some help from the defense. Sakamoto and Kamei made some amazing diving plays in the middle infield, including gunning down Araki on a close play in the first.

From there, it settled into a sequence of pitches that got Dragons out, and missed opportunities for me. In the 6th, Wakiya beat out a slow roller to 3rd, was sacrificed to 2nd and went to 3rd on a groundout. Needless to say I didn't score when Matsumoto grounded out.

Meanwhile, I got a lot of groundouts with Greisinger, and not too many flyouts. I kept on peppering the low outside corner to righties and jamming lefties inside, and I also threw more cutters as the game went on. The low outside corner was my base of operations against hitters like Blanco and Wada, and it helped that I could hit .

In the 9th, there was still no score, and while I had my chances against Yoshimi, he had retired the last 8 batters he had faced. I was not looking forward to the possibility of extra innings. Ogasawara reached on a single, reached second on a slow groundout by Ramirez, and went to third on Kamei's single. With Tani up, my only thought was "don't put the ball on the ground." I didn't, as I lifted a fly ball to right field, and Ogasawara scored easily to give me the 1-0 lead.

I wasn't done yet as I still had Abe coming up. I took a fat pitch from Yoshimi and crushed it into the gap in left-center. Kamei scored to give me a 2-0 lead. I knew the game was over, because if worst came to worst, I could use Kroon or Ochi.

The first batter of the inning was Nomoto. He grounded harmlessly to Sakamoto at short. Next up was Fujii. My heart was racing as he took me to a full count. I froze him with a cutter. Obviously they were going to pinch-hit for Yoshimi with the game on the line, and who better to do it than Mr. Dragons, Kazuyoshi Tatsunami? On a 2-strike, 1-ball pitch, I threw my last changeup of the day. CALLED STRIKE THREE!

I won 2-0 with a perfect game from Seth Greisinger. Twenty-seven up, twenty-seven down. No walks, no hits, eight strikeouts. I have to play more of Pennant Race, I started a new one with Yakult today, and my first game there was an 11-inning win against Hanshin, 6-4.

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Michael Westbay
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