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PYS5 Kanzenban

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PYS5 Kanzenban
Just received my copy of PYS5 Kanzenban for the good ol' PS2!!

I know I'm a little late to the party, as this came out a while ago, but I enjoyed PYS5 so much that I thought I owed it to myself to buy the updated "perfect" version of it to see what little changes they made to an already great game.

I think I'm going to buy PYS6 on PS2 this week too because I heard great things about the WBC mode and would love to play with players like Derek Jeter in a PYS game and try to win the WBC.

But for now I have Kanzenban and I will play this game a lot this week and am really excited when I received this in the mail today.

Anyway, I have a few questions about Kanzenban.

First of all, I still have my saves from PYS5. And my question is will my settings files for PYS5 load in PYS5 Kanzenban? Or will it just recognize the PYS5 file and give me credit points, but won't exactly load the settings the way they were set in PYS5? Will I still have to go through and adjust my gameplay settings again?

Are there any changes to the interface of the game from PYS5? Are there new options to set? Do I need a new translation guide or is the translation guide for PYS5 exactly the same in PYS5 Kanzenban?

Finally, for those who have PYS5, PYS5 Kanzenban, and PYS6 for the PS2, could you give your observations regarding the 3 games and which game is the best in terms of gameplay?

I am going to get PYS6 either way for the WBC mode, but I have heard some people say that PYS6 gameplay isn't as good as PYS5. I have also heard that PYS5 Kanzenban has less extra base hits and less double plays than PYS5.

Basically, i just would like to know what you guys noticed as the small differences between PYS5 and PYS5 Kanzenban, and perhaps the differences between PYS5 Kanzenban and PYS6.

Thanks! So glad to finally have this game! I know it'll be quality!
Re: PYS5 Kanzenban
[ Author: Guest: Dave | Posted: Feb 11, 2010 7:16 AM ]

Okay, I now have received PYS5 Kanzenban and PYS6 on PS2 and I played them both. (I also have the original PYS5 and PYS4, all for PS2) Both games are great. The WBC mode in PYS6 is such a refreshing addition to the series. After having played a few exhibition matches in both games, here's what I notice in terms of the difference between PYS5 Kanzenban and PYS6.

There were two clear cut things removed from PYS5 Kanzenban in PYS6 from what I've noticed. The first is that in PYS6 the "reverse" camera for fielding / baserunning seems to be missing. This was unlocked in PYS5 / PYS5 Kanzenban through the VP shop and selecable as the 3rd camera option under Defense and Baserunning. (Normal, Normal(wide), Reverse) I never really used it that much in PYS5 but still was a nice option to have. Anyway, that's not that big of a deal. The other clear cut omission in PYS6 from PYS5 and PYS5 Kanzenban is the depth of the Defensive Shift menu. In PYS5 Kanzenban, there is a whole lot more positions to set your fielders prior to pitching. In PYS5 and PYS5 Kanzenban, there are actually up to 5 submenus within the Defensive Shift Guide menu, and within the submenus up to (I think) 6 defensive formations. Depending on the situation, you would have a lot of different ways to set up your fielders. I really really like this depth in PYS5 and PYS5 Kanzenban and I miss this depth in PYS6. In PYS6, there seems to be only a maximum of 6 formations at a time (sometimes less depending on the situation) and no sub-menus. (so that's it, no additional formations like in PYS5)

If that wasn't bad enough, in PYS6, the square button has no functionality within the Defensive Shift guide menu like it did in PYS5 and PYS5 Kanzenban!!!! In PYS5 Kanzenban, if there is a man on first base for example, when you pull up the Defensive Shift guide menu with L1, you'll notice that the first baseman is positioned by default on first base to be in position for the pickoff. Well, in PYS5 Kanzenban, if you press square button you'll notice that the first baseman will retreat back to his normal position off the bag to be in better position for quick grounders between him and the 2nd basemen. This was an excellent way to have even more control of your infield. Just because a baserunner was on first base, if you wanted to have your first basemen play his normal position you could do so by pressing square.

In PYS6, you cannot do that, as pressing square button does nothing and he is stuck playing with his foot on first base when there is a runner on first. Has anyone noticed this? Is there a way around it? Does the first basemen automatically move off the bag or something as the ball is pitched? It's kind of hard to tell. But it looks to me like with a man on first it is much easier for the batter to put a grounder into the outfield since you can't toggle him off the base through defensive shift guide menu like you could in PYS5 and PYS5 Kanzenban.

I don't understand why they took away the submenus in defensive shift guide menu, the amount of formations you could shift to, or the ability to toggle the first basemen's position off the bag with a runner on first with the square button like you could in PYS5 and PYS5 Kanzenban. Perhaps they wanted to tailor to the casual gamer, but these submenus added a lot of depth to fielding. So I feel a bit limited when fielding in PYS6 when compared to PYS5 Kanzenban. I also believe that PYS5 Kanzenban is a slightly better looking game than PYS6. PYS6's crowd may be slightly better, but in terms of player models PYS5 Kanzenban has sharper more realistic graphics on the PS2. Players are very detailed in PYS5 Kanzenban. In PYS6, player's faces are slightly more bland and uniforms don't look quite as sharp as PYS5 Kanzenban. Also, the interface looks slightly sharper in PYS5 Kanzenban. (like the bat cursor, etc) PYS6 still looks good, don't get me wrong, but not quite as good as PYS5 Kanzenban from my eyes. I realize that PYS6 added a lot more animations, so that could be why they lowered the detail on the player models. (at least on the PS2 version)

Also, I must say that the fielding control in PYS5 Kanzenban feels a little tighter and a little more responsive than in PYS6. In PYS6, there seems to be a slight delay from the crack of the bat until I am able to control my fielder. In PYS5 Kanzenban it's very fluid. Maybe it's just me but it also seems like fielders move faster in PYS5 Kanzeban. It seems like the throwing animations are more appropriate in PYS5 Kanzenban as well. In PYS6, a lot of times shortstops (like Derek Jeter) seem to throw the ball sideways sometimes to first base on a ground ball. Perhaps there are multiple throwing animations in PYS6. Perhaps there's some way to trigger more standard throwing animations with the left analog stick before you throw, but in PYS5 Kanzenban those sidearm, almost underhand infield throwing animations to first base never seemed to occur. it always was a realistic looking throw to first. (I am using manual fielding control)

So basically, I'd like to know if any of you guys noticed these differences between PYS5 Kanzenban and PYS6. Is there any other differences you've noticed between PYS Kanzenban and PYS6 on the PS2? Anything improved in PYS6?

By the way, I am using Normal+ CPU Pitching and Normal+ CPU Batting (you can unlock Normal+ from VP store), and Normal CPU Baserunning and Normal CPU Defense in both PYS5 Kanzenban and PYS6 on PS2. And I'm using Basic+ pitch speed.

In PYS6, in WCB mode, I beat Venezuela 3-2 with the USA. (led 3-0 after 6 innings and held off a late Venezuela rally). Ted Lilly had a great outing in this one. Then I beat the Netherlands 7-4 with the USA. (led 3-0, then they tied it up 3-3, then I led 4-3, then they tied it up 4-4, then I got 3 runs in the 8th to win 7-4, it was surprisingly a heck of a game). I had 19 hits in this game versus the Netherlands. Then I fired up PYS5 Kanzenban with the same settings as I used in PYS6. I played the Hanshin TIgers. I was the Chiba Lotte Marines. I played as the home team in the local japanese stadium with the grass infield. Anway, I got spanked by the Tigers. Either they are good in PYS5 Kanzenban or I need to get better at pitching. I trailed 6-0 in the 5th inning. I did get a great two-run home run to straight away center field to make it 6-2. Then they tacked on two more to win 8-2. It seems like maybe the CPU is a little better at hitting in PYS5 Kanzenban versus PYS5. I dunno, maybe i just have to get better.

I did not draw a walk in the 3 games I played, but it seemed as if the CPU pitcher was throwing more balls in PYS5 Kanzenban. I could be wrong about this and it may have just been the tendencies of the pitchers I faced. I know some have complained that the CPU pitchers don't throw enough balls and it's hard to draw walks. Have you guys noticed that it is easier to draw walks versus certain pitchers? Is Normal+ a good setting for CPU pitchers? Or do you guys see more pitchers throwing balls on Hard or Hard+? Or perhaps Real Pitch Point Style as opposed to Normal Pitch Point Style will make them throw more balls? Not even sure if Pitch Point Style affects CPU pitchers.

What do you guys observe in terms of CPU pitchers in these games? I realize this is a long post, but I wanted to share my observations of PYS5 Kanzenban and PYS6 on PS2. I'll be playing both these games a lot more so hopefully we can open up a discussion regarding these excellent games.

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