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Pink Slips and Retirements ( Tiger Tails ) Firstly the pink slip players - basically none of them made any impact on the first team or second team for that matter. Two of Tigers pointless signings of worn out has beens go Yuji Yoshimi (No. 42); pitcher by way of Lotte and BayStars and Hisashi Takayama (No. 62); outfielder by way of Seibu. The other two were Ken Nishimura (No. 43); pitcher and Tetsuya Sakaguchi (No. 122); developmental squad infielder.

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Japan vaults past the U.S. in world baseball rankings ( Amateur Ball ) On 2014-11-14 Lin Hung-han and Lilian Wu wrote:
Japan vaulted past the United States to become the world's top-ranked baseball country after it edged South Korea 1-0 in the 21U Baseball World Cup in Taichung on Friday afternoon.

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Top Korean pitcher Hyeon-jong Yang will be posted on Monday ( KBO News ) On 2014-11-14 Dan Gartland wrote:
Hyeon-jong Yang, the top pitcher in Korea, will be posted on Monday, according to a report from Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News.

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Japan win puts Taiwan closer to 21U baseball title game ( Baseball Asia ) On 2014-11-14 Luke Sabatier wrote:
Japan edged South Korea 1-0 at the 21U Baseball World Cup in Taichung Friday afternoon to secure a spot in the tournament's championship game on Sunday and clear the path for Taiwan to qualify as well.

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KIA Tigers lefty Yang to be posted ( KBO News ) On 2014-11-14 Nam Hyun-woo wrote:
Talented Korean pitchers are trying to move into the big leagues this winter.

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Samurai Japan strikes down MLB Stars with no-hitter ( Pro Yakyu News ) On 2014-11-15 The Japan News wrote:
Tohoku Rakuten ace Takahiro Norimoto was perfect over five innings, and three relievers followed with four hitless frames as Samurai Japan posted its first no-hitter in the long history of the U.S.-Japan Series with a 4-0 shutout on Saturday night.

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Japan Baseball Weekly Podcast – 11-17 … ( Japanese Baseball Daily ) Japan Baseball Weekly Podcast – 11-17 …

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Seiji Kobayashi first to win for each league in the Japan Series? ( Open Talk ) Looking at the Japanese Wikipedia page for the first Seiji Kobayashi (Link), it appears (via Google Translate) that Kobayashi was the first hurler to win for each league in the Japan Series. Is this translation correct? I'm surprised it took until 1984 for someone to do that.

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Tigers season - hopes for the future ( Tiger Tails ) This season turned out much better than the previous season. Wada was still a moron but he managed to take his side to the Japan series winning four straight against the Giants in doing so. Tigers will be rejigging his coaching team but the worrying thing is that the incompetent Nakanishi has not been replaced. His inept coaching and handling of the pitching was part of the reason that Tigers didn't get any silverware and he should go as soon as possible.

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45th Meiji Jingu Taikai ( High School ) On 2014-11-17 Goro Shigeno wrote:
So, the Meiji Jingu Tournament got itself underway yesterday, and the results were not surprising.

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