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So much of this site is jumbled up and half done with the new theme. Frankly, despite the number of people who like it, it's driving me crazy. I hate to look at it and call this my work. So the Player Meikan section is coming down until I've had time to clean it up and bring it up to speed with the rest of the site.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Current Popular Discussions
MP & Silva ends CPBL distribution contract ( CPBL News ) On 2014-7-20 The China Post wrote:
MP & Silva abruptly terminated a contract to distribute Taiwan's professional baseball games in the local media, citing a breach of contract by the league.

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Getting closer ( Tiger Tails ) Just when I thought it was possible to go back to full game reviews I hit a busy period and have to stick with summaries for a bit longer. This series was a very good series to win and saw some excellent performances with - of course - the usual Wada caveat. The first game of the series, won 3-0 against Mr Smug (Sawamura) was notable for Iwata's excellent pitching over eight innings. Not only did he keep Giants off the board but he only took 103 pitches over his eight innings. Of course one must also mention the superb work of Umeno behind the plate who also drove in two of the runs (the other coming from a wild pitch from a tiring Sawamura and a bit of poor catching by Abe). Oh closed out the game picking up his 300th save (both Korea and Japan) and received a bouquet after the game.

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Where we stand (Part 3 - Kanto) ( High School ) On 2014-7-20 Goro Shigeno wrote:
Yamanashi - Finals

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Two more titles determined (ugh...) ( High School ) On 2014-7-21 Goro Shigeno wrote:
In Miyagi, Sanuma gives their best effort at Rakuten Kobo Stadium against Rifu, and actually rally to tie the game at 2 in the 5th. But Rifu edges ahead with a run in the 6th, and Sanuma can't find the equalizer. They fall just short 3-2.

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Kawashima and Hidaka Traded to Hawks ( Pro Yakyu News ) On 2014-7-22 Kozo Ota wrote:
On Sunday the Swallows and Hawks announced a four player trade which will send INF Keizo Kawshima and LHF Ryo Hidaka to the Hawks and RHP Nagisa Arakaki and RHP Hiroshi Yamanaka to the Swallows.

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Where we stand (Part 3 - Central) ( High School ) On 2014-7-20 Goro Shigeno wrote:
Tottori - Best 8 (en route)

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Lions win battle involving US pitchers ( CPBL News ) On 2014-07-21 Paul Huang wrote:
The Uni-President Lions held off a three-run rally by the Chinatrust Brothers in the bottom of the ninth to escape with a 4-3 win at the Taipei Tianmu Baseball Stadium last night, sweeping the weekend's three-game series.

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Jul 21st 2014, Tokyo vs Hiroshima ( Pro Yakyu News ) On 2014-7-21 David Watkins wrote:
The Swallows celebrated the wonder of the Marine Day national holiday with a win at home against the third placed Carp, a win that also registered as Yasuhiro Ogawa’s first since way back on April 11th. Yes people, you read that right, ....

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First ticket punched! ( High School ) On 2014-7-20 Goro Shigeno wrote:
Well, it's all over in Okinawa, and Okinawa Shougaku successfully defends their title! Their closest game was their very first in a 1-0 win over Okinawa Suisan, then ran the table 36-3 to win the title.

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Upcoming finals matchups ( High School ) On 2014-7-23 Goro Shigeno wrote:
Minami Hokkaido

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