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So much of this site is jumbled up and half done with the new theme. Frankly, despite the number of people who like it, it's driving me crazy. I hate to look at it and call this my work. So the Player Meikan section is coming down until I've had time to clean it up and bring it up to speed with the rest of the site.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Current Popular Discussions
Jul 15th 2014, Tokyo @ Yomiuri ( Pro Yakyu News ) On 2014-7-15 David Watkins wrote:
The coaching staff needlessly attempted to ride a superb Ishiyama start an inning too far, and as a result, a comfortable victory was converted to the s*** sandwich of a sayonara extra-innings loss.

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July 10th 2014, Tokyo vs Chunichi ( Pro Yakyu News ) On 2014-7-10 Kozo Ota wrote:
After last night’s steady downpour game the Swallows were treated to intermittent light rain with a couple of game stopping bursts of heavy rain. The result was a game that was sure to go the full nine innings, but weird for the fans and players.

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July 12th 2014, vs Yokohama ( Pro Yakyu News ) On 2014-7-12 Christopher Pellegrini wrote:
Yokohama has outscored Tokyo 17-2 over the past two games. Bury your heads in the sand, Swallowers.

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Jul 16th 2014, Tokyo @ Yomiuri ( Pro Yakyu News ) On 2014-7-16 David Watkins wrote:
Tonight saw Kiya called in to make an emergency start as the originally slated starter Narveson was scratched due to neck pain, while Tokyo’s offence couldn’t get anything going until it was too late.

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Victories mount ( Tiger Tails ) The winning streak is up to eight games now with a defeat of the Carp in two games and a thrashing of the Giants. Tigers fans can be very happy.

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Jul 13th 2014, Tokyo vs Yokohama ( Pro Yakyu News ) On 2014-7-13 Christopher Pellegrini wrote:
For a while there, it looked like the birds would get held to one run again, but the final scoreline was a bit closer than the two previousevenings.

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Union, NPB see big-league all-star games as part of big picture ( Pro Yakyu News ) On 2014-7-16 Kyodo News wrote:
Eight years after turning their backs on of visiting major league all-star tours, Japan's players are welcoming the big leaguers back with open arms for games in November.

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Sportscasters Calling Asian Players Deceptive ( Nichi-Bei ) Hi, does anyone here remember instances of sportscasters referring to Asian MLBers with stereotypical words like "deceptive," "sneaky," or something similar? I'm trying to compile a funny video collage with a country song about a liar boyfriend.

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Up to date ( Tiger Tails ) The winning streak finished on 8 games which was pretty impressive. Wada then used the Nohmi/Tsuruoka team and whilst it may be coincidental Tigers didn't perform at all losing 5-0. It was nice to see the ever improving Umeno back for the next game which Tigers won 6-4 courtesy of a Sekimoto pinch hit Grand Slam. One can see both Fujii and Hidaka leaving at the end of the season:

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Another Rabbit ( Tiger Tails ) It's nice to see Tigers pulling off another series win at Nagoya. In the more familiar league they can successfully work round Wada's rank incompetence which couldn't be done in the inter league. The first game of the series went to the Dragons 8-4 with some controversy attached. Tigers bounced back though to take the second 8-1 with Fujinami pitching well but being overpitched. Once he gave up a run it was time to replace him but Wada in his pettiness had Fujinami throw 143 pitches in a pointless complete game. It would have been a great idea to give some of the relief a run out. The final game saw some sense - Messenger's pitch count was too high but he was at least relieved after eight innings. Oh picked up his 22nd save of the season - Nakanishi needn't have worried.

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