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So much of this site is jumbled up and half done with the new theme. Frankly, despite the number of people who like it, it's driving me crazy. I hate to look at it and call this my work. So the Player Meikan section is coming down until I've had time to clean it up and bring it up to speed with the rest of the site.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Current Popular Discussions
Shikoku Island League All Stars vs Can-Am League Teams ( Independent Leagues ) On 2015-5-11 Gen wrote:
The Shikoku Island League announced that they will participating in an Inter-league Exhibition Series with the Can-Am League next month. A team of All-Stars will fly out to the United States in June to play a seventeen-game schedule.

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Tigers hit bottom ( Tiger Tails ) The disarray and disorganisation continues within the Tigers ranks. After winning the series against the Swallows they then took the third game of the series 5-1 to sweep the birds. Great work by the Tigers catcher Umeno ensured that they stayed in the hunt and luckily the introduction of Fujii didn't disrupt the victory. Then onto a two game series against the Giants who were far too strong. The first game Fujinami pitching to Umeno was tight and the Tigers lost 1-0 - an abject failure of their batting. Fujinami threw 99 pitches over 8 innings and gave up only 1 home run. Where was Tigers batting? Then we had Nohmi pitching to Fujii. Both Nohmi and Messenger are supposed to prefer Fujii as their catcher though he elevates their ERAs enormously. Tigers lost this one 10-3 an abysmal display for which their catcher must take a huge degree of responsibility. But we weren't finished - Fujii called the first game of the Dragons series and we lost this 9-2. Another dismal display. Umeno took the next game with Iwata which Tigers won 4-2. In the rubber game we saw Tsuruoka call to Iwazaki and he delivered a victory with the help of Umeno. Tigers took the series and so far own the Dragons. Why Tsuruoka hasn't figured in Tigers catching plans earlier is a great mystery.

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For pitchers, recovery between starts is crucial ( KBO News ) On 2015-5-15 Yu Byeong-min wrote:
In discussing what makes a good pitcher, baseball people often cite good control or a powerful fastball. However, there is one other thing players care a lot about: recovery after pitching.

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Japan Baseball Weekly Podcast – 5-11 … ( Japanese Baseball Daily )
Japan Baseball Weekly Podcast – 5-11 …

Vol. 5.14, John E. Gibson and Jim Allen discuss an interview with Francisco Caraballo of Orix, talk about the last-place Buffaloes, the walk-off infield popup blunder and more.

Look for us on iTunes, search for Japan Baseball Weekly and subscribe for automatic downloads.

Check us out on Twitter @JBWPodcast and send notes to #highheat

Email the show at with your MP3 questions.

We want to invite you to send us your comments and questions via MP3 file so we can play them on the show. Sent them via email.

Please keep the questions to less than one minute and we’ll play it on the show and address the issues you present….. We look forward to your MP3s!!

Also, check out our Facebook page.

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All foreign baseball players pass doping tests ( KBO News ) On 2015-5-14 Jee-ho wrote:
All foreign players competing in the top South Korean baseball league have passed doping tests, the league office announced Thursday.

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KBO heavily reliant on imported players ( KBO News ) On 2015-5-11 Baek Byung-yeul wrote:
Ever since the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) began importing players in 1998, the biggest challenge faced by the country's top baseball league teams during the offseason has been picking the best.

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'Lee Seung-yuop all-time best hitter' ( KBO News ) On 2015-5-8 Patrick Bourgo wrote:
The 2015 spring conference for the Society of Korean Baseball Studies (SKB) was held on May 2 at Sungkyunkwan University and talk touched on topics ranging from the neuroscience of hitting and free agents to a panel discussion on batting.

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Monkeys sweep Rhinos, go clear ( CPBL News ) On 2015-5-11 Paul Huang wrote:
A WINNER AT LAST:While the Monkeys claimed top spot in the standings, Hsieh Jung-hao claimed his first win of the season as the Brothers held off a late rally by the Lions.

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May 9th 2015, vs Chunichi (Akita) ( Pro Yakyu News ) On 2015-5-9 Christopher Pellegrini wrote:
The team took its 4.59 team ERA to Akita with the hope of getting the team’s fortunes turned back around.

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May 10th 2015, vs. Chunichi (Akita) ( Pro Yakyu News ) On 2015-5-10 Garrett DeOrio wrote:
There were more hits in this game than a welterweight championship fight. Tokyo extended their longest streak of the season to five disappointing losses.

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