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The Pro Yakyu Report 1.42 - The First Draft

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The Pro Yakyu Report 1.42 - The First Draft

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There are occasionally players who pass on being drafted because they wish to be drafted by a special team. But this week I take a look at the 1965 draft which, while procedurally look similar to today, was nothing like it in other aspects.

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Japan Baseball Weekly Podcast to be released on Monday, October 14 featuring the first stage of the playoffs and, depending on today's outcomes, a preview for the second stage. The new Samurai Japan manager and Chunichi's player/manager are also on the agenda. [Japanese Baseball Daily Blog]

A little bird told me that the Tokyo Swallows podcast has been recorded and will be released later this week. It's the year in review, and there are quite a few issues that I'm sure the Tsubame-gun will be covering. []


Draft Encyclopedia - 2002 Version, Baseball Magazine Sha, ISBN4-583-61210-9

1965年度新人選手選択会議 (日本プロ野球)
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