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The Pro Yakyu Report 1.47 - SABR Tokyo Winter Meeting

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The Pro Yakyu Report 1.47 - SABR Tokyo Winter Meeting

1 reply. Most recent reply: Nov 17, 2013 3:38 PM by westbaystars

The forth and final SABR Tokyo meeting for 2013 was held at Niko Niko Kitchen in Mita on Saturday, November 16. We were introduced to new member Nanbu-san who writes the Shokugyo Yakyu! Jikkyo Chukei blog at Mukai-san took us through his U.S. car tours for 2013 where he visited facilities and small baseball museums throughout the middle and south-eastern U.S. states. Finally, Inohiza-san brought us through the mathematics behind the "Twisting Model" for batting.

Speaking about SABR, a new SABR Korea chapter has recently been started thanks to the work of Patrick Bourgo. I've posted an old study I had done regarding DHs entering games in NPB and KBO to the SABR Korea Community on Google+. Some of you may find it and the new chapter of interest.


Shokugyo Yakyu
SABR Korea Community

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Re: The Pro Yakyu Report 1.47 - SABR Tokyo Winter Meeting

[ Author: westbaystars | Posted: Nov 26, 2013 5:49 PM | Posts: 35252 | From: Yokohama, Japan | YBS Fan | Registered: Aug, 2001 ]
This video has been removed from YouTube for allegedly violating the "no-robot-viewer" policy. I didn't run a robot to view this video, and I don't think that anybody did.

What I did discover is that on November 23, 2013, 1,463 people (or robots) clicked on this video from a Twitter post. If anyone has information on what this Twitter post contained, other than a link to this video, I'd be very interested as hundreds of people (or robots) in non-baseball countries seem to have clicked on the link from Twitter.

Please note, I'm not blaming the Tweeter for causing the video to be taken down. I'm just trying to understand what happened. In fact, I'm flattered that somebody thought to promote the video so widely beyond my own limited social reach.
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