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Results from First Day of Open-Sen

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Results from First Day of Open-Sen
Open-sen (pre-season games) have begun! Baseball season is back in full swing.

There were just two games scheduled for today (February 23, 2008).

Hanshin hosted Orix at Aki, defeating the Buffaloes by a score of 5-3. The Tigers scored all five of their runs off of Takagi Yasunari, the Buff's second pitcher of the afternoon, in the 4th and 5th innings. Those two innings accounted for 5 of the Tigers' 8 hits of the game, as the rest of the Buffaloe pitching staff held their own. Only 2 of the Buffaloes' 3 runs were earned, as a Toritani error at short cost the Tigers an extra run.

Meanwhile, Hiroshima hosted SoftBank at Miyakonojyo, defeating the Hawks handily 4-1. Coming through for the Carp was 4th round draft pick, Matsuyama Ryuhei (from Kyushu International University), driving in the first Carp run in the second inning with a double to right. He singled again with a runner on in the 4th, and came around to score. Arakaki looked like he had trouble getting started, giving up a walk and hit with two down in the 6th, but found his groove and retired the next four batters in a row (working just those two innings).
Re: Results from First Day of Open-Sen
[ Author: Guest: samskudd | Posted: Feb 26, 2008 8:45 PM ]

The Carp beat SoftBank! Yes!

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