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Pacific League Attendance Up

Discussion in the NPB News forum
Pacific League Attendance Up
According to this SpoNichi article, average attendance at Pacific League games is up by 10.2% so far this season, at 19,618 fans per game.

Compared to the same time period last year (up to games ending April 24), SoftBank takes the biggest hit, down 10.3% (27,036 per game). But Nippon Ham makes up for that, up 10.2% (23,362). Orix, having moved to Osaka Dome, is up a whopping 45.7% (16,429).

While the article attributes moving to Osaka as the cause for the rise for Orix, I'll contend that it was their great start that got people coming out. SoftBank, on the other hand, has had its worst start in years, thus the downturn. I think that when you compare results on the field with results in the seats, that there will be a close correlation - which the press doesn't seem to get for some reason.

Nonetheless, it looks like the Pacific League is really doing a good job appealing to fans.
Re: Pacific League Attendance Up
[ Author: Guest | Posted: Apr 26, 2008 12:32 AM ]

I've been keeping track of the attendance based on the box scores you post, and have included all you have posted except a Fukuoka game that had no attendance in the box score. I've come up with slightly different results, but from my calculations, attendance overall is down 1,483 fans per game thus far.
Re: Pacific League Attendance Up
[ Author: Deanna | Posted: Apr 26, 2008 9:58 PM | NIP Fan ]

Which game didn't have an attendance listed? Is it in 2008 or 2007?

(If 2008, I can check into it. If 2007, I'm not sure.)
Re: Pacific League Attendance Up
[ Author: number9 | Posted: Apr 26, 2008 8:49 AM ]

I know some of the yearly barnstorming games have already been played in smaller towns away from the teams home cities. Not sure how that affects figures as I haven't compared the number of these games from last year to this year (then there's weekday-weekend disparity, too). But your analysis about winning ball clubs is very simple, logical, and to the point. So, any other factor seems to be mostly just noise.
Re: Pacific League Attendance Up
[ Author: westbaystars | Posted: Apr 26, 2008 11:00 PM | YBS Fan ]

Today's Nikkan Sports (paper edition) fills in the rest of the official attendance records for us:
Team         G      Att     Avg    2007    Comp
---------- -- -------- ------ ------ ------
Orix 13 213,576 16,429 11,279 +45.7%
Seibu 14 201,779 14,413 11,813 +22.0%
Rakuten 11 162,651 14,787 12,609 +17.3%
Nippon Ham 15 350,433 23,362 21,193 +10.2%
SoftBank 15 405,540 27,036 30,145 -10.3%
Lotte 14 274,672 19,619 21,020 - 6.7%
========== == ======== ====== ====== ======
Totals: 82 1,608,651 19,618 17,807 +10.2%
* Note: I rearranged the order to be sorted by the comparative averages, whereas Nikkan had the table sorted by total attendance.
Re: Pacific League Attendance Up
[ Author: Guest: Marc | Posted: Apr 27, 2008 3:55 AM ]

3/24, Marines@Hawks has no attendance listed.
Re: Pacific League Attendance Up
[ Author: Deanna | Posted: Apr 27, 2008 11:16 AM | NIP Fan ]

The attendance for that day is 25,828. But I think something got changed in the server move, and I can't actually change that page directly.

(I think that game might have been before the script was running automatically every night - basically, attendance info isn't published until the day after, so the scripts don't grab it until then.)

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