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Japan Baseball Weekly Podcast 6-13 ...

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Japan Baseball Weekly Podcast 6-13 ...
Japan Baseball Weekly Podcast 6-13 -- John Gibson and Jim Allen discuss an interview with Hanshin’s Matt Murton, interleague and more.

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Re: Japan Baseball Weekly Podcast 6-13 ...
[ Author: Guest: Dugout Joe | Posted: Jun 16, 2011 1:10 PM ]

Great podcast as usual and thanks for putting it up on iTunes.

Oh and John, you go right ahead and keep using "comfortability" as a word. I, like yourself, was once ridiculed for using it leaving me feeling foolish and violated however a quick check on vindicated my lexicon. You'll find it at the below link under "related forms"

Keep up the good work my friend and may this post give you a sense of comfortability.
Re: Japan Baseball Weekly Podcast 6-13 ...
[ Author: jgibson | Posted: Jun 16, 2011 11:59 PM ]

Dear, Dugout Joe --

I knew I'd heard it before..... Thanks for having my back on that one.

Thank you also for listening. Please help mold the show with suggestions on how to make it more useful, popular,
helpful and entertaining. ...

As for iTunes, it was M. Westbay who lifted the most fingers to make that happen. I had the idea and that was about it.... Will pass along your gratitude. And you have our gratitude. ...

-- j.e.g.


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