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Lotte Bikkuriman Chocolate 2008 Seals

Discussion in the Open Talk forum
Lotte Bikkuriman Chocolate 2008 Seals
Lotte has already began selling the Bikkuriman chocolate NPB 2008 edition collectible seals, 36 total. Here is the Japanese page with some pictures:

Bikkuriman Chocolate Home Page (in Japanese)

Here's the list of players featured from each team. There is one pitcher, and one position player (the last player on each team is the all gold colored seal, that was also featured in the 2007 edition set).

Central League
Giants: Hisanori Takahashi, Yoshinobu Takahashi, (Shinnosuke Abe)
Dragons: Kenshin Kawakami, Motonobu Tanishige, (Hitoki Iwase)
Tigers: Keiji Uezono, Makoto Imaoka, (Kyuji Fujikawa)
Baystars: Hayato Terahara, Toshihisa Nishi, (Shuichi Murata)
Carp: Kan Ohtake, Kenta Kurihara, (Katsuhiro Nagakawa)
Swallows: Hirotoshi Ishii, Shinya Miyamoto, (Norichika Aoki)

Pacific League
Fighters: Yu Darvish, Atsunori Inaba, (Hichori Morimoto)
Marines: Yoshihisa Naruse, Tsuyoshi Nishioka, (Tomoya Satozaki)
Hawks: Takahiro Mahara, Hiroki Kokubo, (Kazumi Saitoh)
Eagles: Masahiro Tanaka, Yosuke Takasu, (Takeshi Yamasaki)
Lions: Fumiya Nishiguchi, G.G. Satoh, (Hiroyuki Nakajima)
Buffaloes: Daisuke Katoh, Tuffy Rhodes, (Kazuhiro Kiyohara)

Is anybody else collecting these? I've got a full set of the 2006, and 2007 editions, so I'm going to try and get all of the 2008 as well. This year, they are also doing it a little different, by giving several lucky winners special plastic seal holder pages.

For those of you that aren't familiar with Bikkuriman Chocolate snacks, they are basically a chocolate flavored wafer cookie in the shape of a square. The only special thing is that they always come with cartoon character seals, and children love collecting them. The snacks have been around for about 30 years or so now I think, and while the snacks only cost about 80 yen now, some of the rarest seals from back in the day have been known to sell for almost $1,000 U.S.
Re: Lotte Bikkuriman Chocolate 2008 Seals
[ Author: Deanna | Posted: Jun 13, 2008 3:45 PM | NIP Fan ]

Oh, wow! I have a bunch of those from 2006 (including the awesome disco one of Taneda). They're really neat.

I'll probably keep an eye out for them. It'll be a similarly-unhealthy snack alternative to Calbee Pro Yakyu Chips for me! I'd be happy to trade if anyone else wants to.

(Heck, if anyone else wants to just trade BBM cards, I've got way too many doubles on my hands for 2008 1st already.)
Re: Lotte Bikkuriman Chocolate 2008 Seals
[ Author: Deanna | Posted: Jun 30, 2008 12:18 PM | NIP Fan ]

So, I've been collecting these a bit in the last few weeks. It's just been a junkfood habit change for me. (:

Anyway, I have 17 of them now, but only 13 individuals. I don't know if anyone else wants to trade, but...

SFT Kazumi Saitoh x 3
LOT Tomoya Satozaki x 2
YAK Hirotoshi Ishii x 2

YOM Hisanori Takahashi
CHU Motonobu Tanishige
HAN Keiji Uezono
HAN Makoto Imaoka
YAK Shinya Miyamoto

NIP Atsunori Inaba
RAK Masahiro Tanaka
RAK Yosuke Takasu
ORX Tuffy Rhodes
ORX Kazuhiro Kiyohara
Re: Lotte Bikkuriman Chocolate 2008 Seals
[ Author: Jingu Bleacher Bum | Posted: Jul 1, 2008 10:55 AM | YAK Fan ]

I've been getting pretty lucky lately. I've got 22 now, with only a few doubles because I've been trading with a co-worker.

I like reading the player messages on the back, but I think Nishiguchi's is the worst, "I like Bikkuriman Chocolate as well!" Overall I still think the 2006 designs were the best.
Re: Lotte Bikkuriman Chocolate 2008 Seals
[ Author: Deanna | Posted: Jul 1, 2008 11:25 AM | NIP Fan ]

Oh man. Yeah, I don't have anyone to trade with, and I think it's a bad idea for me to eat more than one snack a day, so it's slow going. Heh.

Well, maybe we can work out some trades a bit further down the line when we both have more? And I take it nobody else reading this forum is collecting them?

I like some of the stickers this year, they're very cute, but yeah, the 2006 ones seemed a lot better. Is it still possible to find them somewhere? (I've never seen them at card shops or anything.)
Re: Lotte Bikkuriman Chocolate 2008 Seals
[ Author: Jingu Bleacher Bum | Posted: Jul 1, 2008 3:38 PM | YAK Fan ]

If you need any from this year or past years, you can find them on Yahoo! Japan auctions. I got one lucky sticker so I can send it in for the holders, but I saw some winning seals on the auctions going for 3,000 yen. Maybe I should hold off on sending in that winning seal.

If you bid on the seals while they're still available, you can get pretty good deals, but then you lose the whole surprise of not knowing what you're getting. Maybe we can get some trades going here if I can't get a whole set. 3 Abe's for your Ma-kun?
Re: Lotte Bikkuriman Chocolate 2008 Seals
[ Author: DaClyde1 | Posted: Jul 2, 2008 1:46 AM | OBs Fan ]

I'm interested in the Tuffy Rhodes seal for my growing Tuffy collection. I'm not sure I have much of an interest to trade, though. I've got a few 1991 Calbee, a box worth of 1992 BBM, and some scattered BBM cards I picked up in lots on eBay. Everything else is American.

I'm trying to help Sportlots add some Japanese sets to their inventory system so people can sell Japanese cards on there, but thus far, they've only added the 1991 BBM set.
Re: Lotte Bikkuriman Chocolate 2008 Seals
[ Author: Deanna | Posted: Aug 8, 2008 6:24 PM | NIP Fan ]

Dear everyone:

Does anyone have a GG Sato sticker they can trade me?

After two months, my collection is nearly complete and all I need is GG. I am so sick of chocolate wafers that it is not funny. I even went to a card store today and traded two Nishiguchis and a Murata for a Darvish, but they didn't have a GG Satoh to trade, so...

My list of what I have doubles of is here.

I know Jingu Bleacher Bum doesn't have an extra GG, and I don't know anyone else collecting these offhand. Anyone? I'll do on-line auctions if I have to, but it'd be nicer to get a trade down with someone.

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