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Ohya to Manage Yokohama Next Season Too

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Ohya to Manage Yokohama Next Season Too
I saw this [Japan Ball] and, needless to say, I almost punched a hole through my wall when I saw this title. Looks like I better start buying my Miura and Aikawa BayStars goods before the season ends, 'cause if the rumors I've been hearing all year are true, then they are as good as gone. Ohya should be held accountable for his faults this year, and that means him stepping down or being let go. I understand that not all of what happened this year was his fault, but a lot of it was. It simply amazes me what my team continues to do (the case being that the bad outweighs the good in their decisions in recent years). But, if Aikawa and Miura come back next season and our young players continue to get most of the playing time, then and only then will I look past this. But, in my opinion, my team, BayStars fans, and my friends and I are in for another year of pain and suffering.

Sorry Westbay, I beat you to the punch on this new story. But, I had to post it because you know that this is something I'm adamant about.
Re: Ohya to Manage Yokohama Next Season Too
[ Author: Guest: gotigersredsox | Posted: Sep 10, 2008 1:09 PM ]

Wow, pretty shocking news. Maybe it was based on his recent success against the Tigers, hehe.
Re: Ohya to Manage Yokohama Next Season Too
[ Author: Dan Miceli | Posted: Sep 10, 2008 1:18 PM ]

A good start for the BayStars would be to do a better job of scouting and signing foreign players.

For example, why did they expect Dave Williams would be a dependable member of their starting pitching rotation? Why pay 75 million yen to a guy with his injury history?

What was it about Mike Wood's stuff that made them think he could get the job done? Perhaps they thought he could be another Shane Bowers?

I really didn't understand their thinking with most of their other foreign player signings in 2008, either.
Re: Ohya to Manage Yokohama Next Season Too
[ Author: Deanna | Posted: Sep 10, 2008 8:53 PM | NIP Fan ]

I look at it this way:

The Shonan SeaRex have been pretty awesome in recent years, even this year. I mean, I might be biased because I just saw them wallop the Marines' ni-gun team in a 16-1 landslide featuring a cycle by Yuki Takamori, but seriously, if some of these guys can make the leap to ichi-gun, and the team can keep Miura and pull another legitimate starter out of thin air (ie, industry/college draft or sign from overseas) the BayStars might actually manage to not suck. Ohya does have a track record of managing young guys well - so some of the old guys need to go and clear the way for some youth.

I think it's time to start a 番長の残留を希望し願う会.
Re: Ohya to Manage Yokohama Next Season Too
[ Author: Guest | Posted: Sep 11, 2008 10:43 AM ]

Thank you Deanna, I have been preaching this all year long. They have to let go of the "Machine Gun Return" Dream and bring in new fresh talent to surround Murata, Yoshimura, and Uchikawa. I think Nishi and Ishii should stay to help develop the young infielders.

Kinjoh needs a huge comeback year next season, so does Aikawa. Other than that, I would keep Bigbie, Ohnishi, Fujita, Nonaka, and Ozeki on ichi-gun; everyone else goes to ni-gun (or gone) to make way for some fresh talent.

Other than Miura (if they can keep him) and maybe Terehara, they need to address the entire pitching staff. They should get another good starting pitcher and a true bullpen ace (ala Marc Kroon).

Maybe they should abduct Marc and bring him back to Yokohama. If only Yokohama's "big wigs" would have guaranteed that second year (wishful thinking).
Re: Ohya to Manage Yokohama Next Season Too
[ Author: No.1BayFan | Posted: Sep 11, 2008 8:34 PM | YOK Fan ]

I thought this was Kinjoh's walk year also. In any case, they need to do major things this off-season and they can start by re-upping our ace.

And no, Deanna, you were not being biased against the SeaRex. When I went to see them a few weeks back, I noticed that they were playing the game an entirely different way. I think that has much to do with who is managing them, and who I feel deserves to be the manager next year: Mr.Tashiro.

SeaRex officially put me on notice, and with my recent move to Saitama, I will be getting to know my team's farm system and will be devoting most of my time going to ballgames cheering for them.

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