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Live Post Season Games (and beyond)

Discussion in the Media Guide forum
Live Post Season Games (and beyond)
This thread lasted a long time and showed those of us living outside of Japan how to watch the Pacific League all season long. I think that the Pacific League has gained a number of followers this way.

However, Yahoo! Douga has two major flaws:
  1. It requires those outside of Japan to learn how to use proxy servers to get around the foolish Japan-only restrictions.
  2. It only works on Defective by Design DRM-impaired Microsoft platforms.
In the playoff chat room, Shinigami pointed out an alternative that not only is available to the whole world without dealing with proxy servers, but is also cross platform so that those of us who care about our computers and have left Microsoft behind can also watch.

The site MyP2P was mentioned in the Yahoo! Douga thread, but it wasn't very clear how to get to it or what to do once there. It was further confusing in that a P2P application that only runs on Windows is mentioned, but it turns out not to be necessary for watching all channels. Here is what you need to know:

MyP2P - Sports lists the sports programs that are currently available. That is, they are live as of the time you access the page. There is a more specific "Baseball" category, but Japanese baseball may sometimes be listed under "Other." Clicking on the TV all the way to the right will list many different sites providing the game. Some will work on all platforms, others only on Microsoft, and yet others require voodoo that is beyond my knowledge to get to work. On top of that, some will be showing something completely else. Experiment until you hit what you're looking for.

There is another site (which I got to from MyP2P) called This one uses Flash to show games, so works on all platforms with all browsers. Again, I've linked to the general Sports forum just in case the Nippon Series gets categorized somewhere other than under Baseball. This one just requires that you click on a picture of the game you want, then start watching.

What I've found with these are that the live feeds are coming off of people's TVs (Sling Boxes?) directly. Some of the people providing the live coverage sometimes flip to different channels during commercials (or get bored of what they're watching?), so you may experience remote control rage now and then. But the quality is good and you get the streams that the Powers That Be don't seem to think you need.

Hope this helps.
Re: Live Post Season Games (and beyond)
[ Author: Guest | Posted: Oct 30, 2008 2:10 PM ]

I had been using proxy servers until now, but I just tested the JustinTV site against my television (NBA game) and am happy to report there is almost no delay.

Excellent. I now have a reliable way to watch the Japan Series.
Re: Live Post Season Games (and beyond)
[ Author: westbaystars | Posted: Oct 30, 2008 3:45 PM | YBS Fan ]

Ah, good point. It is so much more live than the other streaming options in that the Flash application on Justin.TV doesn't do any buffering. On a slow connection you'll probably have problems with dropped packets. But the delay compared to cable TV is seconds at most as opposed to the 60 to 90 seconds buffering you get with traditional streaming. That means that people watching the game overseas on Justin.TV can actually have a real time conversation (in a chat room) with people watching it on cable in Japan.

I hope that this solves the streaming problem for so many once and for all.

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