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Bobby Rose

Discussion in the Ask the Commish forum
Bobby Rose
sakamoto ryoma-san writes:

Hi -- any idea what happened to Bobby Rose? I saw him play in '93 and then again in '97, but this year he's not on the Yokohama roster. He was a great player in Japan, and put up offensive stats that could have landed him in the Japanese HOF if he had played a little longer. Did he retire, or perhaps try to hook up with a team in the U.S.?


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Funny you ask
[ Author: westbaystars | Posted: May 24, 2001 5:50 PM | YBS Fan ]

I had just commented to another question that Rose had "retired" after last season. Much of the saga is detailed here and here.

But, where is he now? I took the advice of one reader and searched Google and, but with no luck. (Maybe my search key skills need some work.)

Essentially, when he left at the end of last year, there was speculation that he was going to join the Angels, but he refuted it. He said that he was retiring from baseball all together to spend more time with his family in Colorado.

At the end of the season last year, radio and TV announcers alike were calling Rose "the best suketto (Cromartie's translation is "migrant worker") ever!"

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Re: Funny you ask
[ Author: Guest: Ron Shultz | Posted: Oct 3, 2008 12:18 AM ]

[Reviving old thread]

I live in Bullhead City, Arizona and Bobby Rose resides across the street from me with his family. He just finished building his new home here and is a full time resident. He has been living here for at least two years; I know of since my grandson went to school with his son Cody.
[ Author: moto-dynamitedasen | Posted: May 25, 2001 9:21 PM ]

Yokohama / Taiyo seemes to me atleast to have had good luck with their sukettos. From the days of Leon Lee, Ponce, Jim Tracy, Pachiorek ( not sure of spelling.) Braggs ( he had his moments), but Rose was the best. I miss Rose, and I'm sure if he'd tried to go back to the Majors I'm sure he would have done a good job. It's too bad he isen't around. Can anyone tell me what his lifetime in Japan is, and how many sukettos have done better? or how many in Japan have done better?

Leron Lee, Leon Lee, Boomer Wells, Warren Cromartie, Randy Bass, and Rose, some of the true legends of Pro Yakyu.

good luck in Colorado, Rose san.
Rose lifetime
[ Author: westbaystars | Posted: May 26, 2001 4:06 AM | YBS Fan ]

Seasons: 8
Games: 1,039
At Bats: 3,929
Runs Scored: 574
Hits: 1,275
Doubles: 238
Triples: 31
Home Runs: 167
Total Bases: 2,086
RBIs: 808
Stolen Bases: 16
Caught Stealing: 12
Sac. Bunts: 1 (1st year)
Sac. Flies: 50
Bases on Balls: 488
Hit by Pitches: 57
Strike Outs: 566
Hit into DPs: 144
Batting Average: .325
Errors: 83

He lead the Central League in hits in '99 and '00, doubles in '93, '95, and '99, triples in '96, total bases in '99, RBIs in '93 and '99, sac. flies in '96, dead balls in '95, double plays balls in '98, batting average in '99, and most errors in '94.

He finished in the top 10 in batting all but one year, the top 5 in all but two years, his 2nd year ('94) hitting a low of .296, and hitting a high of .369 in '99.

Rose was named one of the Best Nine 6 times, and he took the Golden Glove Award in 1998.

Rose's 192 hits in 1999 are the most hits by a player in the Central League for a season (third to Ichiro's 210 hits in 1994 and 193 hits in 1996). The record he broke was set by Fujimura in 1950 with 191 hits in a season.

Rose's 341 total bases in 1999 rank him tied for 7th with two others. For comparison, Bass is ranked 3rd with 357 and 5th with 352. The record of 376 set in 1950 by Otsuru (I think?).

Rose hit for the cycle 3 times, first on May 2, 1995 against Chunichi at Yokohama, then on Aprirl 29, 1997 against Yakult at Yokohama, then on June 30, 1999 at Toyama.

[Oh, and speaking of the cycle, the Giants' Matsui came a single short of one a couple of days ago, After hitting a home run, then a triple, and a double, in the 8th inning, Matsui hit a ball into the corner, kicked first, and went on to second for his second double, kicking the cycle away as he left the first base bag. When asked if he knew that all he needed was a single, he replied that he did, "but you have to do what you have to do." And, being the professional that he is, that meant going for two.]

Rose's 153 RBIs in 1999 rank him second in Japan and the Central League to Otsuru's (sp?) 161 in 1950. In comparison, Bass's triple crown year of 1985 ranks him tied for 8th at 134. Boomer is ranked 10th with 130 RBIs in 1984.

Rose's 10 RBIs in a game on July 22, 1999 tied him with Soleiter (sp?) ('80 - Nippon Ham), Leon Lee ('85 - Taiyo), and later Etoh ('99 - Hiroshima) for 2nd in Japan, and top in the Central League. Iijima set the Japan record of 11 RBIs in a game on October 5, 1951 against Hankyu.

Rose's 12 sacrifice flies in 1996 tie him with 3 others for the most in a season in the Central League.

Rose's .3685 batting average in 1999 (192 for 521) rank him 12th for a single season average. Bass is above Ichiro at the top with .389. Cromartie hit .368 for 6th place, and .363 for 17th place in the top 20.

[All stats above taken from the Baseball Record Book 2001, Baseball Magazine Sha, ISBN 4-583-03599-3.]

So, there you have it.

Now, can somebody tell us where Rose is now?
Re: Rose lifetime
[ Author: Dizzy30 | Posted: Sep 28, 2001 4:32 PM ]

Just wanted to say thanks for the info. I spent 5 years in Japan and fell in love with the Baystars and Rose was my favorite player. I often tried to find his stats so that was a huge treat to see this and finally find out. I was only able to attend a handful of games but everyone was always started the same way. 1-2-3 first inning and then Rose up to bat in the second and first pitch goodbye. Once again I thank you for the stats and biography.
Re: Rose lifetime
[ Author: westbaystars | Posted: Sep 28, 2001 9:46 PM | YBS Fan ]

Rose was a steady producer who liked to keep to himself. I can't help but think that if he was more of a show boat, that the 'Stars would have kept him on.

Now, though, the radio and TV announcers never tire of stating how much his bat is missed this season. It sure would be nice to see him come back.
Re: Rose Lifetime
[ Author: Guest: Zanetoe | Posted: Jun 1, 2007 11:12 AM ]

[Reviving a very old thread]

I am Booby Rose's brother in law and to sum all this up, Bobby Rose did retire and lives in Bullhead City with my sister and 3 of his kids. His oldest daughter is in the Navy. You could find him on the lake or golfing at Chaparell Country Club in Bullhead City.

I can say this, I knew Bobby when he was a kid and his son will be a freshmen in high school this year, and is better at this age than his father. You will see his son Cody Rose in the Bigs one day. This kid can hit the ball a ton like his father.
Re: Rose Lifetime
[ Author: Guest: Bailey | Posted: Jul 24, 2007 12:53 AM ]

Bob coached our son when he was in Bailey. We've been trying to get in touch with him, but no luck. Could you help?
Re: Rose Lifetime
[ Author: Guest: A Bay Fan | Posted: Apr 10, 2012 1:55 PM ]

I live in Yokohama, and I saw that Bobby Rose came here for opening game at the stadium on April 4th, 2012. There was a ceremony before game started. The pitcher was Sasaki, catcher was Tanishige, and the Rose was at bat. It was a very very emotional moment because they were 1998 Baystars players when they won the championship.

I waned to see Rose for a long time, even after he left the team. I knew he came back to play for the Chiba Marines. But, I'm not sure if it true or not, his family couldn't get along at Chiba. I feel bad for what my country's people did. I really think, why did former Baystars owning company not try to keep him after 1999, even if he asked for a big contract for Jananese baseball. I believe every Bayfan loved Bobby Rose.

I would know, Bobby Rose had met with Sasaki (when he was a Mariners closer), and Saito (still in the Majors) in the US, because they can comunicate in English a little bit more than when they were with the Baystars.

I'm looking forward to see Cody Rose! He was with his father at the all-star game in 1998 or 1999. Cody was introduced on the TV when he was a little. I believe Cody will introduce how disciplined and awesome a baseball player his father is in the US. Mr. Bobby's 1999 season was almost God-like.

I got a his rookie card when he was with the Angels. People don't know his real card price!

Anyway, everything with Bobby Rose was good memory for me (and I believe people in Yokohama, too). We, Japanese are not expressive people, but people in Japan really appreciate that you chose Baystars, even if you could go to the Major Leagues whenever you wanted to.

Spelling Correction
[ Author: westbaystars | Posted: May 26, 2001 1:50 PM | YBS Fan ]

Aladdinsane-san points out on the Pro Yakyu Mailing List that the correct spelling of the 1980 Nippon Ham Fighter with 10 RBIs in a single game is "Solaita." Thank you for that correction.

He also provided a couple of home pages of the late Tony Solaita by his family chronicalling his Major League and his Japanese careers. Statistics (in Japanese) can be found here.

As usual, Aladdinsane-san is a treasure chest of information. Thank you.

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Re: Bobby Rose
[ Author: Guest: Danny | Posted: Aug 11, 2002 9:02 AM ]

I was going over some baseball stats this morning and came across Bobby Rose. He was originally signed by the Anaheim Angels (then the California Angels). He played four seasons for the Angels as a platoon player in the infield. I had no idea what happened to him after that.... just kind of disappeared. I had heard that he ended up in Japan. He is not on any Major League team in the US sooooo he might still be in Japan.
Re: Bobby Rose
[ Author: westbaystars | Posted: Aug 11, 2002 3:24 PM | YBS Fan ]

Thanks Danny.

But if you'd have read some of the above posts, the question of where is he now was asked since he was no longer in Japan. Rose played for Yokohama for 8 years and was considered one of the best foreign players in Japan during that time period.

It would be nice if he considered coming out of retirement and returned to the BayStars. Even now, two seasons after he left, the announcers compare every second baseman and/or foreign player on the team to Rose. Of course, there is the fact that he retired while his flame was still burning bright, to take a phrase from Elton John. That will certainly make people remember you well.

Thanks for the attempt, though.
Re: Bobby Rose
[ Author: Guest: Gary Garland | Posted: Aug 11, 2002 7:04 PM ]

As far as I know, Rose had a home in Colorado. There had been talk of him going back to the Angels (and I was hoping that the Mariners would sign him) right after he "retired," but nothing came of that. Too bad.
I liked him in his first go around with California and was glad to see him be so sucessful with Yokohama.
Re: Bobby Rose
[ Author: Guest: Ron Whisman | Posted: Dec 1, 2002 7:43 AM ]

Bobby Rose is retired and living in Bailey Colorado. He coached the local High School baseball team. He is a great coach. My son has learned a lot from him.
Re: Bobby Rose
[ Author: Guest: EoD | Posted: Apr 21, 2003 11:02 AM ]

It's been over a year since the last post... but just wanted to add my encounter with Bobby while in Japan.

I knew of Rose with the Angels since I had him on my "Rotisserie" team. When I went to Japan to teach in 94/95, I caught him in action in an exhibition game.

When leaving the game I saw the bus leaving and saw him sitting against that glass. I yelled at him "Hey Rose! When are you going to back State-side?" thinking of my team and if I should drop him (I liked him as a player) to which he yelled out the window "Never!"...

That was in '95 I believe.
Re: Bobby Rose
[ Author: Guest: Eric | Posted: May 6, 2004 1:30 AM ]

Bobby Rose is currently residing in Colorado coaching a high school baseball team.
Re: Bobby Rose
[ Author: Guest: were bobbys at | Posted: Nov 3, 2007 11:56 PM ]

[Update of very, very old thread.]

Bobby is currently in Bullhead City, Arizona with his son Cody coaching a minor city team. I know this because I am one of his players.
Re: Bobby Rose
[ Author: Guest: IrishBanshee | Posted: Apr 9, 2008 1:24 PM ]

I was a year behind Bob when he played for San Dimas High School in 1985. Watching him, you just knew he was destined for a career in professional baseball. He used a wooden bat in high school and put many a baseball into the ice plant that was a good 475' before the school put a home run fence.

To see him start a second base for the Angels in 1992 was an absolute dream. Just wish he could have been an Angel for many years.
Bobby Rose Update
[ Author: Guest: Bill | Posted: Sep 11, 2008 12:22 AM ]

Bobby is helping boys with baseball in Bullhead City, AZ.
Re: Bobby Rose
[ Author: Guest: Bobby Rose | Posted: Sep 14, 2010 2:39 AM ]

[Old Thread Revived]

Neither. I was on vacation.

- bob
Re: Bobby Rose
[ Author: Guest | Posted: Jul 2, 2012 4:28 PM ]

[Reviving old thread.]

Cody is going to be great in MLB! Knowing this because I'm his favorite cousin. (;<3 love you bud!
Re: Bobby Rose
[ Author: Guest: Rene | Posted: Apr 9, 2019 2:32 AM ]

[I realize that this is an old thread, but I just need to add this.]

I know Bobby Rose is now a coach and has been for the last 7 years. He also continues to get asked to come back to Japan from time to time to do work for the DeNA BayStars and other companies. Bobby Rose is in Japanese video games as well.

I've been told and confirmed that Bobby will be coming to Japan some time in October of 2019. Also, one of his daughters and family are currently living in your Yokosuka, Japan.

Bobby Rose's grandson, Aiden Bezdichek, will be throwing out the first pitch (date to be announced soon.) The coolest thing is that 20 years ago Bobby Rose's son, Cody Rose, age 7 at the time, threw out the first pitch of one of his games. I still have the newspapers and magazines of it. His grandson Aiden Is now 7. How sweet is that!!!

I know there are many Bobby rose fans out there especially from Japan. Spread the word that Bobby Rose will be coming to Yokohama, Japan in October of 2019.

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