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Japanese baseball

Discussion in the Ask the Commish forum
Japanese baseball
hi i'm a university student who as been given a casestudy that she has no knowledge about.
Please please for all baseball fans could you give me a feedback on the following questions

1) Why would someone in Japan want to buy a US Baseball team?

2) What are the implications on internationalization baseball scene

with kind regards

Sexy thing
Re: Japanese baseball
[ Author: westbaystars | Posted: Nov 8, 2001 12:51 PM | YBS Fan ]

1) Why would someone in Japan want to buy a US Baseball team?

Well, why would anybody, anywhere buy any baseball team? Is it a good investment? Can one use it to promote a company? Do some fans just have money to burn to the point that they buy a team out of a love for the game?

I don't understand why a buyer in Japan would be any different than a buyer in the U.S., nor that the ball club being in the U.S. has any special meaning over the ball club being elsewhere (other than the amount of press coverage it gets).

2) What are the implications on internationalization baseball scene?

Of buying a U.S. team from Japan? Well, what impact did Nintendo have on the international scene when they bought the Seattle Mariners? Nintendo's owner put up the money to get Sasaki and Ichiro. Both purchases had an impact on the international scene. But I belive that both would have made it in the Majors without Nintendo's backing.

It sounds like your case study is after business decisions and impacts. I'm afraid that I was a Computer Science major back in my own college years, so can't really give you any insight to what your looking for from anything other than a fan's point of view.

If, when you're done with a draft of your paper, you'd like to post it for peer review, I'm sure that I and others could at least fix any mis-conceptions you come across (and there are a lot of them being printed in the U.S. press as though they were facts) before turning it in.

Hope this helps.
Re: Japanese baseball
[ Author: Sexy thing | Posted: Nov 8, 2001 11:24 PM ]

I would like to thank you very much, as the infomration is useful, but do you know anyone else who will provide more ideas.

Thank you once again replying
PS could you send the message at
Re: Japanese baseball
[ Author: Guest: null | Posted: Nov 14, 2001 2:42 PM ]

to sexy thing...

here are a list of reasons..

A) Why would someone in Japan want to buy a US Baseball team?

1. Sportsfan - Maybe he was a sports fan or baseball fan.
2. Investment - Some baseball teams have been great investments, and are very profitable.
3. Cash on hand - Maybe he is so rich he has extra cash and needs something todo with it.
4. Prestige - Owning a baseball teams allows an owner all sorts of door opening opportunties.
5. Relationships - Owning a baseball team allows the owner to meet with the other owners, some of whom are very successful and powerful individuals.
6. Marketing - Maybe he wanted to use this to help market his company and its products.
7. Status - No matter how successful some people are, they still might feel they have not "made it". Some Japanese and/or companies feel this after buying an American Company. In this case, having the opportunity to own something very American might be that final step to "making it."
8. Frienship - Maybe a friend asked for a favor that was an interesting idea.
9. Management experience - The opportunity to participate in and see how a baseball team is run might be of management value.

B) What are the implications on internationalization baseball scene?

I decided to answer this from the perspective of how more internationalization in baseball will have an impact.

1. global leagues
2. a world cup for baseball
3. more recognition of foreign players
4. more opportunites for foreign players
5. possible global expansion, for the MLB (or should i say the contracting MLB?)
6. better development for players - the more competitive it is, the more opportunity they have to improve their game
7. more experience for players - as Bobby Valentine once said, "there is no price for experience"
8. more management and scouting opportunites

I hope this helps

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