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Data Requests [Updated: 2006.11.25]

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Data Requests [Updated: 2006.11.25]
Please post requests for data here.

Since recieving the 1994 Official Baseball Encyclopedia, I've got all batting and pitching data from 1936 to 1993. The yearly Record Books by BBM that I've got provide batting, pitching, and fielding data from 1995 to present. (Just missing a 1994 source.)

If there is a player within that range that you're interested in and he is not yet in the Player Meikan or does not have a profile, please feel free to ask that I enter him. I'll get to it as soon as I can.

[2004.02.11: I've removed a number of messages attached to this thread as they were not data requests. While some of the discussion was interesting, it was cluttering the purpose of this thread - to request data. Links to other data sites have been reposted under the Links section.]

[2004.05.28: For many of the older stats and bio material, please have a look at the Data Warehouse at]

(If you reached this page while looking for stats for a particular player, please read the FAQ.)

Career data for Niura Hisao, Nishimoto Takashi, Sumi Mitsuo entered by request on 2006.11.25.
Career data for Egawa Suguru, Kobayashi Shigeru, Takahashi Kazumi entered by request on 2006.11.24.
Career data for Harimoto Isao, Fukumoto Yutaka, Toyoda Yasumitsu, Horiuchi Tsuneo entered; Yamauchi Kazuhiro updated by request on 2006.11.23.
Career data for Chiba Shigeru, Kinugasa Sachio, Kakefu Masayuki entered by request on 2006.11.05.
Career data for Boku Kenmei entered by request on 2006.04.07.
2005 Fielding Stats checked and corrected on 2006.02.05.
2005 Fielding Stats entered on 2005.12.15 (unchecked).
Career data for Watanabe Hisanobu entered by request on 2005.11.05.
Career data for Nomo Hideo entered by request on 2005.10.14.
2001 Central League fielding stats entered on request 2005.06.29.
Career data for Shane Mack updated with fielding by request on 2005.06.29.
Career data for Mimura Toshiyuki, Tatsukawa Mitsuo entered by request on 2005.04.05.
Career data for Mayumi Akinobu, Sasaki Makoto, Okada Akinobu entered by request on 2005.04.04.
Career data for Philip Hiatt, Goose Gossage, Denny (Yui) Tomori, Yoneda Tetsuya, Noguchi Jiro, Fujimoto Hideo entered by request on 2005.02.06.
Career data for Monna Hiroshi entered by request on 2004.11.07.
Career data for Robert Perez entered by request on 2004.10.18.
Career data for Jim Baumer entered by request on 2004.09.24.
Career data for Dave Roberts, Ben Oglivie entered by request on 2004.08.24.
Career data for Koyama Masaaki, Murayama Minoru entered by request on 2004.07.31.
Career data for Victor Starffin entered by request on 2004.07.30.
Career data for Balvino Galvez, Sasaki Katsutoshi entered by request on 2004.05.28.
Career data for Enatsu Yutaka entered by request on 2004.04.12.
Career data for Kitamura Shoji entered by request on 2004.04.02.
Career data for Warren Cromartie, Suzuki Takahisa entered by request on 2004.02.11.
Career data for Ishii Takehiro, Hirota Hiroaki entered by request on 2004.02.05.
Career data for Kohno Hirofumi, Kaneishi Akihito entered by request on 2004.01.27.
Corrected batting records where Tomashino Kenji's (incomplete) records were listed under Tomashino Seiji on 2004.01.19 - thanks Basebill for pointing that out.
Career data for Takada Shigeru, Yamauchi Kazuhiro, Doi Shozo, Yoshida Yoshio, Tabuchi Kohichi, Nakanishi Futoshi entered by request on 2004.01.18.
Career data for Takagi Morimichi, Kawakami Tetsuharu, Wakabayashi Tadashi, Awano Hideyuki entered by request on 2004.01.16.
Career data for Noda Koji entered by request on 2004.01.15.
Career data for Sugishita Shigeru entered by request on 2004.01.11.
Career data for Bessho Takehiro (Akira) and Yamada Hisashi entered by request on 2004.01.10.
Career data for Kaneda Masaichi entered by request on 2004.01.09.
Career data for Inao Kusahisa and Suzuki Keishi entered by request on 2004.01.03.
1995-2000 fielding data entered for Suzuki Ichiro by request on 2003.12.15.
1998-2000 team played for in batting data corrected for Taihoh Yasuaki on 2003.11.06 - thanks Albright-san.
1997-1998 batting data addef for Yoshimura Sadaaki on 2003.11.06.
1997-1999 batting data added for Kobayakawa Takehiko on 2003.10.28.
Corrected data for Komada Norihiro on 2003.10.16 - thanks Albright-san.
Request for Gene Bacque completed 2003.10.15.

Re: Data Requests
[ Author: KJOKBASEBALL | Posted: Jan 5, 2004 7:14 AM | HT Fan ]

Position Players I'd like to see data for:
    Tetsuharu Kawakami
    Morimichi Takagi
    Shigeru Chiba
    Futoshi Nakanishi
    Sachio Kinugasa
    Masayuki Kakefu
    Koichi Tabuchi
    Isao Harimoto
    Yutaka Fukumoto
    Kazuhiro Yamauchi
    Yoshio Yoshida
    Yasumitsu Toyoda
When you have time, of course.

Re: Data Requests
[ Author: Guest: null | Posted: Jan 16, 2004 6:15 AM ]

It looks like you are taking requests for stats for great players of the past. I am seeking to gather career totals from great Giant players from the last 40 years. Your web site has been very helpful in gathering most of the players, but I do need help with the following players:
    P Suguru Egawa
    P Tsuneo Horiuchi
    P Shigeru Kobayashi
    P Kazumi Takahashi
    P Hisao Niura
    P Takashi Nishimoto
    P Mitsuo Sumi
    C Kazuhiro Yamakura
    C Yukio Yaegashi
    1B Kiyoshi Nakahata
    2B Shozo Doi
    2B Toshio Shinozuka
    SS Kazumasa Kono
    SS Yokinobu Kuroe
    OF Isao Shibata
    OF Isao Harimoto
    OF Tadashi Matsumoto
    OF Tamio Suetsugu
    OF Kazuhiro Yamauchi
    OF/3B Shigeru Takada
I want to thank you (Michael and Jim) for all the hard work you do for us non-Japanese fans who have an interest in NPB. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by the many fans who rely upon this web site.

When NPB BIS dropped (forgot about) their English web pages, you really were (and are) a lifesaver. You not only filled the statistical void, you made it better (your stats are much better).
Re: Data Requests
[ Author: Guest: Edward Mortimer | Posted: Mar 31, 2005 4:50 AM ]

Your website is a fantastic resource for the English-reading fan. If possible, I would like career statistics for the following players. Thank you.
Koji Minoda       OF
Akinobu Mayumi OF-SS
Mitsuo Naka OF
Makoto Sasaki OF
Masaru Uno SS
Toshizo Sakamoto SS
Shigeru Ishiwata SS
Kenji Koike SS
Akinobu Okada 2B
Mitsuo Motoi 2B
Toshiyuki Mimura 2B-SS
Kiyoshi Morimoto 3B
Takeshi Kuwata 3B-SS
Kazuhiro Yamakura CA
Mitsuo Tatsukawa CA
Toshio Kato CA
Hiromi Wada CA
Takumi Otomo SP
Re: Data Requests
[ Author: Guest: Ed Mortimer | Posted: Mar 26, 2007 10:55 PM ]

Just reminding you on Joe Stanka as you requested.
Fielder and Bryant
[ Author: Guest: matt k | Posted: Aug 7, 2007 6:03 AM ]

Can you add Cecil Fielder and Ralph Bryant's career statistics? Thank you.
Re: Data Requests [Updated: 2006.11.25]
[ Author: Guest | Posted: Aug 31, 2010 8:31 AM ]

I realize that this is an old thread, but I just need to add this.

Hiromitsu Kadota

This is a site about Pro Yakyu (Japanese Baseball), not about who the next player to go over to MLB is. It's a community of Pro Yakyu fans who have come together to share their knowledge and opinions with the world. It's a place to follow teams and individuals playing baseball in Japan (and Asia), and to learn about Japanese (and Asian) culture through baseball.

It is my sincere hope that once you learn a bit about what we're about here that you will join the community of contributors.

Michael Westbay
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