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Player-Rickey Gulipardo

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Player-Rickey Gulipardo
I'm looking for a player name Rickey Gulipardo. He played in Japan in 1993 with the Dragons. Why is he not listed in your list of players that played in Japan? He played just a few game before he left to play in Mexico. He played 16 years in professional baseball, can I get some info of him.

Thank you!
Re: Player-Rickey Gulipardo
[ Author: westbaystars | Posted: Nov 18, 2006 9:41 AM | YBS Fan ]

I'm afraid that I can't find Gulipardo in any of my guides (I don't have one for 1993), or in the Official Baseball Encyclopedia. That leads me to believe that he didn't play a single game at the top level if he was here.

Re: Player-Rickey Gulipardo
[ Author: Mischa | Posted: Nov 19, 2006 8:45 AM | TYS Fan ]

Not only is there no record on him in Japan, but I can't find any trace of him in pro baseball period. Are you sure this was a real player?
Re: Player-Rickey Gulipardo
[ Author: Guest | Posted: Nov 21, 2006 3:43 AM ]

I think he played with the [Hiroshima] Toyo Carp. I don't know if he played with the A-team [ichi-gun] or with the B-club [ni-gun]. I know he played in Japan in 1993, I saw he play in a game. I don't know what club he was on (A or B club), I just know played over in Japan. I'm just trying to see how his playing career ended up.

Thank You!
Re: Greg "Bomer" Wells
[ Author: Guest | Posted: Nov 21, 2006 4:48 AM ]

Why is Greg "Bomer" Wells not listed in your player list? He won a triple crown in 1984 or '85. He was one of the best hitters in Japan baseball league. Is he a real player? I saw him play also, or is there another professional league in Japan? Like they have in Mexico that American professional baseball doesn't recognize? (i.e. Small professional league, Independent League, or small towns in Mexico.)

I'm an ex-player, I played with Rickey Gulipardo with the Regina Cyclones (Independent baseball league in Canada) in 1996 and also with Mexical, Mexico (1993). I have not seen or heard from him since he got hurt during second week of the season, that was the last time I've seen him play. Someone told me he played with the Valley Vipers of the Western League in the 2000 season.
Re: Greg "Bomer" Wells
[ Author: westbaystars | Posted: Nov 21, 2006 8:34 AM | YBS Fan ]

The reason is quite simple, nobody's asked for his data yet. I've only been entering players since 1995 in my spare time, and current players have a higher priority than past players. Data should be complete for players from 2002 to 2006.

There's a thread for data requests that I've only recently been able to find time to start responding to again. Please enter your request there so I can find it.
Re: Greg "Bomer" Wells
[ Author: Deanna | Posted: Nov 21, 2006 9:07 AM | NIP Fan ]

Funny, the only reference I see to a Rickey or Ricky Gulipardo on the web associated with baseball is this batting cage instructor in Arizona. And all it lists on that page is that he played in Taiwan and Mexico, no mention of Japan.

By the way, for those of you demanding to know why people aren't listed on the stats page, maybe you should have read the part where it says "THIS DATA IS INCOMPLETE AND HAS ERRORS!"? The data here isn't the entirety of all players in Japan for the last 70 years; stuff gets added from current years, and occasionally from past years as time allows or situations call for it (as far as I've observed; Westbay will probably correct me here). If you want to see Boomer Wells's stats, they are on Japan Baseball Daily, Gary Garland's site.

As it is, JBD doesn't have a listing for a Gulipardo either. I'm inclined to agree with Westbay here on the guy never playing a game at the top level in Japan.
Re: Greg "Bomer" Wells
[ Author: Guest | Posted: Dec 2, 2006 4:51 AM ]

Hey! dude, I didn't mean to get you all hot about the player Rickey Gulipardo. I just wanted to know if you had any info or if he is still playing. All I know is that I played with the guy. I don't know if he played in the Japan big league or what. All I know is I saw him playing in Japan.

I want you to know that you are doing a good job on your web, but you don't have to put me or Rickey down ("Funny") He was a heck of a player. Keep up the good job on your web, this is the last time I'm going on it.
Re: Greg "Bomer" Wells
[ Author: Guest: Gary Garland | Posted: Dec 12, 2006 3:24 AM ]

There is no record of any Japanese team ever signing Gulipardo. His name also does not turn up on any Japanese site that centers around foreign players.

There is an outside possibility that he might have gone to a fall camp as part of a tryout, but that is about as far as I think his time in Japan might have gone, providing it actually happened.
Re: Player-Rickey Gulipardo
[ Author: Guest: Guest | Posted: Jan 24, 2007 12:18 PM ]

Hey there;

Ricky is my older brother. Just to clarify he is no longer playing baseball. Age and his knee injuries have finally caught up to him. He does quite a bit of clinics for a local batting clinic and plays in some softball leagues throughout the county.

To the web hosts - you have a good site up, but just so you know, Ricky Gulipardo is a "real" player. Like you said, just because your site doesn't have the information doesn't mean the information doesn't exist.
Re: Player-Rickey Gulipardo
[ Author: Guest: Sabrina Gulipardo | Posted: Feb 18, 2007 12:40 AM ]

I don't know who you are, but you are not my sister or my brother's sister. RickEy has two younger sisters, one of which is me! Both me and our other sister know his name is spelled with an "E" - RICKEY - not Ricky!

It is great that you are defending him, but you should be honest as to who you really are.

Thank you.
Re: Player-Rickey Gulipardo
[ Author: Guest: Guest | Posted: Jun 21, 2007 5:03 AM ]

I play for the Houston Astros and just left extended spring and saw these questions about who Rickey is and if he ever played to begin with.

Rickey did play, but is no longer playing as his sister said due to his age, knee injuries, and the numerous surgeries on both the knee and his throwing shoulder.

I make my home in Verrado, AZ, and used to give clinics and work out with Rickey in the off season, so I would like to quash any questions concerning if he in fact played or if he even exists.
Re: Player-Rickey Gulipardo
[ Author: Guest: D. Jones | Posted: Aug 2, 2007 9:58 AM ]

I played with and against Rickey Gulipardo in 1996 with the Regina Cylones of the Independent Prairie League (Canada) and the dude was a heck of a hitter and was hitting .327 for the first month of the season before his knee went out on him and was on the DL for the rest of the season. I think he makes his home in Peoria, AZ now and runs baseball camps and scouts for the Pittsburgh Pirates on the side with his former teammate Ted Williams.

For the record, they don't put every player who ever played pro baseball on the net. I can name 20 or more of my former teammates that are not listed on the net.

That doesn't mean if you don't see his name on Google, the guy never played. Like the last guest said, Rickey did play, but injuries ended his playing days, and the guy could play ball.
Re: Player-Rickey Gulipardo
[ Author: Guest: Wulf | Posted: Nov 17, 2013 1:05 AM ]

Rickey Gulipardo is a complete fraud. I have a baseball card, given to me by "Rickey", which he obviously had printed himself, that lists him as having played on 35 pro teams between 1986 and 2000, including brief Major League stints with San Francisco and Tampa Bay. Some simple checking shows that he was not on the player rosters of ANY of those teams, and that in some cases the teams were not even in existence during the year or years that Rickey says he played on them.

This is a site about Pro Yakyu (Japanese Baseball), not about who the next player to go over to MLB is. It's a community of Pro Yakyu fans who have come together to share their knowledge and opinions with the world. It's a place to follow teams and individuals playing baseball in Japan (and Asia), and to learn about Japanese (and Asian) culture through baseball.

It is my sincere hope that once you learn a bit about what we're about here that you will join the community of contributors.

Michael Westbay
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