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Bobby V to the Cubs?

Discussion in the Rumor Mill forum
Bobby V to the Cubs?
Count Bobby Valentine among those who would like to manage the Chicago Cubs.

The ESPN analyst and former New York Mets and Texas Rangers manager says he's interested in taking over for the retiring Lou Piniella after this season.

Valentine, who led the Mets to the pennant in 2000 and managed the Texas Rangers, calls the Cubs job "one of the most coveted positions in all of sports" and adds "anybody who thinks of himself as a manager would love to be considered as one of the people who might take his place."

Valentine spoke before Sunday's game between the Cubs and Cardinals.

He returned to ESPN during the 2009 playoffs after his second stint as manager of the Chiba Lotte Marines in Japan's Pacific League. He says he won't leave the network "unless something very special came up," and the Cubs job "falls in the category of very special."
Re: Bobby V to the Cubs?
[ Author: Guest: gotigersredsox | Posted: Jul 28, 2010 4:48 PM ]

I guess Bobby likes a challenge! This is one of the most high-stress managerial positions in MLB, but he handled New York, so I think he would work well in Chicago. The Cubs have a lot of overpaid players, so would be good to see Bobby step in and turn things around.
Re: Bobby V to the Cubs?
[ Author: Guest: localboy | Posted: Aug 6, 2010 1:26 AM ]

How did he do when he was with Chiba?
Re: Bobby V to the Cubs?
[ Author: Guest: Ed Kranepool | Posted: Jan 17, 2011 1:25 PM ]

[I realize that this is an old thread, but I just need to add this.]

Bobby V has taken a new a public servant. He is the Director of Public Works for his hometown of Stamford, Connecticut. He continues as a once weekly sportscaster for ESPN.

This is a site about Pro Yakyu (Japanese Baseball), not about who the next player to go over to MLB is. It's a community of Pro Yakyu fans who have come together to share their knowledge and opinions with the world. It's a place to follow teams and individuals playing baseball in Japan (and Asia), and to learn about Japanese (and Asian) culture through baseball.

It is my sincere hope that once you learn a bit about what we're about here that you will join the community of contributors.

Michael Westbay
(aka westbaystars)

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