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Pawapuro 11 Ketteiban Greatest Teams Patch

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Pawapuro 11 Ketteiban Greatest Teams Patch
Since I can't make an up to date version of Pawapuro 11, seeing as how three of the teams don't even exist in the game, I'm using this game to make all the top teams for each franchise. Researching will probably take me a little longer than usual, so I expect this to release in either late January or February. These will be representatives for each franchise.

V9 Giants - Led by Sadaharu Oh and Shigeo Nagashima on offense, this team won 9 straight Japan Series titles under the management of the "God of Hitting", Tetsuharu Kawakami.

1985 Hanshin Tigers - Made famous by the triple crown year by Randy Bass and the back to back to back homers to the Koshien back screen, this team was full of batters in their prime. It seemed like everybody had a career year in 1985 for the Tigers.

2007 Chunichi Dragons - A lot of great Chunichi teams have come and gone, but this team was the first of the modern era to win it all. A great mixture of pitching, timely hitting, and defense made them a dominant team even when their star, Kosuke Fukudome, was injured for a lot of the year.

1979 Hiroshima Carp - Koji Yamamoto and Sachio Kinugasa would put up bigger offensive years in the following two Nihon Ichi campaigns, but this was the first Nihon Series title for the famous Aka Hel Gundan(Red Helmet Army). Yutaka Enatsu's famous 21 pitch relief appearance in game 7 is still considered one of the most miraculous performances in Japanese history.

1978 Yakult Swallows - With Tsutomu Wakamatsu at the top of the batting order and sluggers Katsuo Ohsugi and Charlie Manuel, this team didn't give up a shut out in 129 games until Yutaka Ono of the Hiroshima Carp shut them out on the 130th game. They went ahead to beat the Hankyu Braves in 7 games in the Nihon Series that year.

1998 Yokohama BayStars - Nicknamed the Machine Gun Batting Order for their ability to start devastating rallies with 2 outs. What this team lacked in overall power, they made up for with contact batting and speed. They had four very good starting pitchers in Takashi Saitoh, Daisuke Miura, Takeo Kawamura, and Hiroki Nomura. The bullpen was solid and lead by league MVP Kazuhiro Sasaki, who set the NPB record for saves that year with 45 while posting a 0.64 ERA.

1990 Seibu Lions - One of the many great years the golden age Lions had. Though pitchers like Kaku and Kudoh didn't put up the big numbers they usually do, Hisanobu Watanabe made it up with an 18 win season. Kiyohara, Akiyama, and Destrade all had big years with the long ball, with each of them putting up over 30 jacks.

2003 Fukuoka Daiei Hawks - In a year which saw one of the most impressive classes of young pitchers to enter NPB with Toshiya Sugiuchi, Hayato Terahara, Nagisa Arakaki, and Tsuyoshi Wada, this team's strong point was it's batting. Nobuhiko Matsunaka, Kenji Johjima, Pedro Valdez, and Tadahito Iguchi all hit over 100 RBIs this year. These numbers were helped by the two famous blowouts they had against the Orix Blue Wave. Daiei would win 26-7 on 7/27/03 to mark the first 30 run game of the modern era. Just a few days later on 8/1/03, they would put up the most one-sided game in the two league era as they beat Orix again 29-1.

1996 Orix Blue Wave - It took only two years as a regular starter for Ichiro to take his Blue Wave all the way as Japan's champion. This year was easily the high point of the Blue Wave franchise. Once Ichiro left, they never really recovered their fans or their wins.

2005 Chiba Lotte Marines - Nicknamed the Marine Gun Batting Order due to their similarity to the 1998 BayStars team, this was the year that coined the term "Bobby Magic". With no true dominant power bat, this team relied on the SABRmetrics of Valentine to squeeze out close wins. Almost every single game used a different batting order. This was a year in which Tsuyoshi Nishioka became a star and light hitting Saburo earned the clean up spot towards the end of the year. This was also a break out year for Shunsuke Watanabe, as he was the clear ace of the starting rotation. Probably the most famous accomplishment by this team was sweeping the Hanshin Tigers to win the Nihon Series and then sweeping all the Asian champions to win the first ever Konami Cup.

2001 Kintetsu Buffaloes - A very weak pitching staff was evened out by a brilliant performance by power batters. Tuffy Rhodes tied the NPB record for homers in a single season with 55. Norihiro Nakamura hit a career high 46 homers. Kenshi Kawaguchi and Yuji Yoshioka both hit over 20 homers. Koichi Isobe hit a career high 95 RBIs. This was all topped by pinch hitter Hirotoshi Kitagawa, though. He hit a dramatic pinch hit come from behind walk off grand slam to clinch the pennant that year in a scene that will be remembered for many years to come.

2006 Nippon Ham Fighters - Tsuyoshi Shinjo's final season turned out to be a miracle, as it coined the catch phrase "SHINJIRARENAAAAI!" from manager Trey Hillman. This team had a perfect mix of pitching, power, contact batting, and defense. In a year that saw the final antics of Shinjo and the last of Ogasawara's goatee, it was also a season that saw Yu Darvish start to show his true potential as a future Japanese ace.
Re: Pawapuro 11 Ketteiban Greatest Teams Patch
[ Author: darasu | Posted: Jan 3, 2008 1:25 PM | CD Fan ]

I love this but with the V9 giants is it really fair to everyone else. I mean not the tokyo y giants, the V9 giants. I would love to see the winner. I mean that team, NPB would be the the greatest Japanese pro team. My yen is on the giants. Did u consider the defunct teams? Or that would be to much?
Re: Pawapuro 11 Ketteiban Greatest Teams Patch
[ Author: BigManZam | Posted: Jan 3, 2008 4:10 PM | CLM Fan ]

As much as I'd love to have Hankyu in there, among other teams, you can't edit uniforms and have those teams eligible to be in Pennant as Arrange teams. For some reason, you just can't put original teams in Pennant Mode. Anyway, I'm pretty much finished with the 2007 patches, so I'm going to take a short break and get to work on this soon.

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