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Purpose of PawaPuro Ketteiban?

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Purpose of PawaPuro Ketteiban?
So...what is the purpose of having the PawaPuro Ketteiban games come out at the end of the season? What we've been seeing recently is a glut of terrible PawaPuro games come to market, so why saturate said market with more crap?

I realize that the Ketteiban games have been coming out long before this streak of bad PawaPuro games, so while I'm not ruling out greed on Konami's part, I'm not considering it as much of a factor, since one of this sub-forum's favorites is 11 Ketteiban.

Also, being a Super NES PawaPuro specialist, I never really understood the "Basic Han" '98 edition too much. Also, I think there was another title for the '96 and '97 PawaPuro games on the Super NES, but I can't remember, and after PawaPuro '96 it doesn't really matter since PawaPuro '97 and '98 were the same as '96, just with roster and situation updates.
Re: Purpose of PawaPuro Ketteiban?
[ Author: BigManZam | Posted: Dec 24, 2007 12:23 PM | CLM Fan ]

There's basically no reason, other than to make a little pocket change off a roster update. It sells horribly, so I wouldn't be surprised to see it eliminated sooner or later. They already got rid of the fall versions of PYS and the Namco titles. Even die hard Japanese fans say that they need to get rid of either the summer version of winter version. There shouldn't be two releases every year.

Yeah, the releases are even more ridiculous now that the games suck. It was kinda worth it when you consider the update in gameplay between 11 and 11 Ketteiban.
Re: Purpose of PawaPuro Ketteiban?
[ Author: Shinigami | Posted: Dec 25, 2007 5:45 AM | FSH Fan ]

Only reason why it was good was the little tweak in some stuffs to make the game better. Ketteiban's updated stats are probably the main reason why people would want to buy it. Sometimes young players have break-out years and does good for a season, but in the Kaimaku-ban they have pretty crappy stats (corresponding to the season before), so some fans might want to use the player but find it rather hard bcoz of the crappy stats.

Also, Success mode is a big one for Japanese gamers, and usually in Ketteiban Konami will try to milk some more money out of u, and therefore usually will add one extra scenario, or some extra features in the Success mode so people will wet their pants to go buy it.

There's also been changes that made the game worst overtweaking some of the stuffs in the Ketteiban.

As for bug, their staffs are pretty hilarious. While I didn't find that much bugs in the game, just a few minor ones. One of them ticked many people off in 12's Success mode. In 12, they totally screwed up the Rising Series u learn from Ikari. The feel of the pitch drops by like 10-15 km/h. It's sooo slow I have no idea where the Gyro + Nobi 4 kicks in, seems more like a Nobi 0 instead. Then after finding this out, in 12K, they fixed this Rising series problem. However, they then somehow screwed the original fastball event...making that one feel like -15. It's sad that u dun even get anything out of an original fastball event. I remember learning Mileman's Meteo Magnum in 11K, and it was awesome.

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