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Pawapuro 12 Ketteiban 2007 Version Releasing Before 2008

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Pawapuro 12 Ketteiban 2007 Version Releasing Before 2008
I've been working my butt off a couple hours every night on this. Production stepped up a lot since 14 Ketteiban was released. I'm hoping to finish the roster edits tonight, then I'm going to be focused on editing line ups, management AI, and batting/pitching forms.

I already did some simming, and things seem to check out for the most part. There are some freak occurrences, but it's not like Matsuzaka getting 300 Ks or anyone hitting over 50 homers. I really like the lack of RBIs I saw. There weren't like 20 guys with 100 RBIs. It was just Rhodes and Yamasaki in the PL. I also liked the player progression I saw. I left Okada in the Orix starting lineup by accident and he advanced from D power to B power, since he managed to hit over 10 homers. I'll probably fine tune stats in the following weeks, since I'm bound to see things go wrong.

It won't have My Life just yet, but you can have fun playing in Pennant Mode. I'd also appreciate any feedback, since this will eventually transition into the 2008 version and that's the one I want to be really impressive.
Re: Pawapuro 12 Ketteiban 2007 Version Releasing Before 2008
[ Author: BigManZam | Posted: Dec 28, 2007 1:24 AM | CLM Fan ]

Finished rosters, forms, and roster orders. I still need to tweak manager AI, but I simmed a full season. Here is how it turned out. I think I have a few more sims and tweaks to make. I used Lotte to sim the season.

Here are trade offers I got...

Imae for Kitagawa/Niinuma(BayStars)
Ono for Nishiguchi
Satozaki for Shinji Takahashi
Shimizu for Yamai

PL Batting Champ: Inaba(.342)
Home Run King: Rhodes(41)
RBI King: Rhodes(120)
Top Hitter: Rick(172)
Most Runs: Kawasaki(86)
Most Ks: Seguignol(189!!!)
Most Walks: Nishioka(77)
Most Bunts: Tanaka Ken(81!!!)
Most Steals: Kataoka(40)
Most Errors: Nakajima(21)
Best Caught Stealing: Satozaki(.388)

Best ERA: Darvish(1.12!!!)
Most Innings: Darvish(200 1/3)
Most Wins: Darvish(16)
Most Saves: Koyama(41)
Most Holds: Watanabe Kouki(34)
Most Appearances: Watanabe Kouki(88)
Most Shut Outs: Darvish(7)
Most CGs: Darvish(17)
Most Ks: Darvish(230)
Most BBs: Kishi(87)
Most Wild Pitches: Wakui(9)

First off, Darvish had a ridiculous season. His stats aren't THAT great. It's not like anime stats, so I don't see how he did that good. I guess the combo of stamina, velocity, and breaking balls made the sim turn him into a beast. Hopefully he'll have a more realistic ERA with actual gameplay.

I'm going to tone down Koyama and Katoh Daisuke, since they both got 40 saves. I used Konami's stats and I'm not letting Koyama become that good. Watanabe Kouki got like 10 more appearances than the other highly used relievers. I think Wakui's wild pitches are random. His control isn't bad.

Ks are pretty ridiculous but oh well. They've always been pretty bad in 12 Ketteiban. Wakui had 21 Ks in a single game.

Rick Short batted .280 in a previous Pennant I simmed, but I added Average Hitter and he turned into a .330 batter, so I'm keeping that. Tanaka Ken basically had more bunts than the #2 and #3 batters combined, so I think that has something to do with the Nippon Ham management AI. I'll tone down the AI bunts and if he has Team Player AI, that's going away.

Now the Central League...

Batting Champ: Aoki(.401)
Home Run King: Kurihara(51)
RBI King: Abe(138)
Top Hitter: Aoki(235)
Most Runs: Aoki(126)
Most Ks: Guiel(211)
Most Walks: Yoshinobu(100)
Most Bunts: Akahoshi(55)
Most Steals: Araki(46)
Most Errors: Araki and Wakiya(18)
Best Caught Stealing: Tanishige(.494)

Best ERA: Nakata(2.55)
Most Innings: Miura(197 2/3)
Most Wins: Miura and Kaneto(15)
Most Saves: Fujikawa(47)
Most Holds: Toyoda(37)
Most Appearances: Toyoda(107)
Most Shut Outs: Asakura and Hisanori(2)
Most CGs: Greisinger(9)
Most Ks: Greisinger(200)
Most BBs: Ohtake(88)
Most Wild Pitches: Yan and Kida(8)

So as you can see, CL needs a lot of fixing up. I think the smaller ballparks and longer schedule are to blame here. The power numbers for Hiroshima and Yomiuri are ridiculous. Soyogi hit 29 homers with B power. Shima and Alex hit 19 and 17 with C power. I'm also definitely bringing Aoki down to B meet with no Average Hitter.

All Star voting was weird in the CL closer race. Uehara got 950336 votes while Fujikawa maxed out at 999999 votes. Every other top vote getter got like 400,000 to 500,000 votes.

Standings went like this...

1. Hawks(Champs)
2. Fighters(10.5)
3. Marines(13.0)
4. Buffaloes(15.0)
5. Eagles(15.0)
6. Lions(19.5)

I guess the Softbank starters made the difference. Rakuten was dominating for a lot of the season and then fell off towards the end.

1. Giants(Champs)
2. Tigers(5.0)
3. Dragons(10.5)
4. Swallows(17.0)
5. BayStars(22.0)
6. Carp(22.5)

Giants were on top all season long. I'm happy with these standings.

Year end awards...

Pacific League
MVP: Sugiuchi
ROTY: Kishi
Sawamura: Darvish
Nihon Series MVP: Matsunaka

Best Nine: Tamura, Inaba, Wada, Nakajima, Honda, Fernandez, Zuleta, Satozaki, and Darvish

Golg Glove: Morimoto, Hayakawa, Ohmura, Kaneko, Kataoka, Koyano, Kenshi, Satozaki, and Wakui

Central League
MVP: Abe
ROTY: Kaneto

Best Nine: Kanemoto, Ramirez, Aoki, Nioka, Nishi, Ogasawara, Kurihara, Abe, Greisinger

Gold Glove: Aoki, Akahoshi, Alex, Ibata, Higashide, Arai, Lin, Yano, and Miura

I don't like those gold glove winners. It was my fault that Arai got that. Konami's stats have him with like D defense and C error. Way too high for an iron glover like Arai.

Ugh. I just found a potential game ruining issue. Since I edited over existing players, a lot of young players qualified for free agency at the end of a season. As a result, Maa-kun ended up flying to the majors after his rookie year. This probably makes a case for an OB version of Pawapuro 11 even stronger. You could always just pretend that NPB changed their free agent policy and let anybody declare free agency. Hehe.

Honestly, I'm not too certain I'm going to like this end product. The game just doesn't sync up like I want it to. Career stats are messed up and the free agency doesn't work. It would probably be best to turn the free agency option off when playing Pennant. Nothing really good ever comes of it, anyway. All you get are washed up players, anyway. It's also kind of cheap, because you can get almost anyone if you guarantee a coaching job after retirement.
Re: Pawapuro 12 Ketteiban 2007 Version Releasing Before 2008
[ Author: Shinigami | Posted: Dec 28, 2007 10:32 AM | FSH Fan ]

Can u post up Darvish's stats? I want to know how that 1.12 ERA happened? Even with some nasty players I made from Success they cant do a 1.12 (altho I did have one below 1 when I was auto-simming, someone with a lv 7 cutter, lv 3 curve, lv 1 changeup + a 164 fastball).

Also....Toyoda pitching in over 100 games is too much....I suppose he'd be dead before he even makes it to 80.

Anyways, good to see u've got a lot of stuffs done, just need some tweakings to make the stats better for some players.

Keep up the good work!
Re: Pawapuro 12 Ketteiban 2007 Version Releasing Before 2008
[ Author: BigManZam | Posted: Dec 28, 2007 11:51 AM | CLM Fan ]


154 km/h
Control - C(149)
Stamina - A(172)
Slider - 4
Curve - 2
Fork - 3
Nobi 4, Shiri Agari, Strike Out, Escape Pitch, Stability 4, Lotte Killer, Complete Game AI, and Popularity

His second season saw similar results. I'm going to take off Nobi 4 and see what happens. I also think the ridiculous amount of relief appearances is because of the nakatsugi ace AI, so I'm going to take that off.
Re: Pawapuro 12 Ketteiban 2007 Version Releasing Before 2008
[ Author: BigManZam | Posted: Dec 28, 2007 9:10 PM | CLM Fan ]

Good news for you, Shinigami. I transferred the team files to Pawapuro 11 Ketteiban and I'm going to work on a version for that. I just tested it out and it's fun even with Kintetsu, Daiei, and Blue Wave in the game. The gameplay is 1000 times better than 12.

I simmed a full season and got more believable numbers, but some things need to be tweaked. There's a huge sim difference between 11 and 12. Strike out numbers are a lot lower and relief appearances are basically cut in half. Gotta wonder what happened there. Power numbers are also down, but so are RBIs. It's all a lot more realistic.

The other great thing is that none of the players qualify for free agency. They're all reset to 5 years, so there won't be any free agents for at least 5 years in Pennant. I'd rather have that than see a 17 year old fly away to the majors.

So aside from tweaking power stats, I also have to input commentary names for every single player. Looks like they reset when you transfer teams between games. Oh well.
Re: Pawapuro 12 Ketteiban 2007 Version Releasing Before 2008
[ Author: BigManZam | Posted: Dec 29, 2007 1:22 PM | CLM Fan ]

I figured out how to fix the FA problem. This will make older players register for free agency realistically and have younger players wait at least 5 years. This also means some players will register their first pro hits/wins if they were drafted after Pawapuro 11 came out. It's a small price to pay for good gameplay. That's probably better than having Maa-kun take in the career stats of a veteran and registering like his 500th win.

I simmed some seasons in Pawapuro 11 and took notes as to how power numbers maxed out. As a result, player stats will be very different from Pawapuro 12. It seems like trajectory plays a way bigger role in Pawapuro 11 than in 12. Basically it goes like this...

Players who max out their power at less than 10 homers will automatically get 2 arch. Even with B power and 2 arch, you'd be lucky to reach 10 homers in a full season.

Players who max out at 25 homers will get 3 arch. It seems like C power equals barely registering 10 homers. Low B is equal to low teens. Mid B is equal to mid to high teens. High B seems to max out at 20-25 homers and low A usually goes to 30-35 homers. I basically use 3 arch when I don't want a player to have 40-50 homer potential. Making these stats is all about predicting where a player can potentially max out at.

4 arch and A power is only for players who I expect to be potential 40 homer batters. So I'm only using that sparingly. I expect to count the number of these players on one hand.

Pawapuro 11 also seems to sim ERA with maximum velocity, so Kroon has a very low ERA and Shunsuke constantly puts up high ERAs. In an effort to fix this, I'm going to be giving Shunsuke a special ability that drops opposing batters' contact ability significantly. I gave the same ability to Fujikawa, and it successfully simulated his super human numbers.

What I may have to work hard on is pitcher stamina, because a lot more pitchers have the ability to throw 200 innings in 11. I could either drop their stamina or take off the complete game AI, but I like the complete game numbers. I'll probably experiment a lot with pitch counts by actually playing games in the near future.

A little extra effort could possibly make this the best patch out there, so I'm definitely not going to half ass this.
Re: Pawapuro 12 Ketteiban 2007 Version Releasing Before 2008
[ Author: BigManZam | Posted: Dec 29, 2007 10:22 PM | CLM Fan ]

I've made some good stats, but there are two issues. First is that changing stamina won't do anything about all the innings, because it seems like starting pitchers appear in more games by default. Each regular starter has like 30 or so starts, so 200 innings isn't rare.

The other issue is that a good number of guys increased arch and got Power Hitter ability in the middle of the season, leading to 40-50 homer seasons. I can't keep the arch and Power Hitter from coming up, but I can set limits to every fielding attribute. For example, I can set Aoki's power to stop at 130. This means he'll hit 10-15 homers at 3 arch, but if he magically gets 4 arch and/or power hitter, he'll be capable of hitting 25 homers at the most. I'm probably going to take advantage of this feature with close to every position player in the game.
Re: Pawapuro 12 Ketteiban 2007 Version Releasing Before 2008
[ Author: BigManZam | Posted: Dec 30, 2007 11:45 PM | CLM Fan ]

All stats are done, but I forgot that the black and red bat was first introduced in 12. I have to go through and fix all those guys who reset to plain bats. I'm also thinking about editing dates of birth for all players in order for current ages to be reflected in the game.

If you have 11 Ketteiban and have the means to play with this save file, I advise just playing the games. Simming is realistic the majority of the time, but there are times when the fast simming obviously messes up. For example, Shinnosuke Abe has 4 arch with A power, had 450 ABs, but still only hit 8 homers. It's obviously an issue with the fast simming. Guys with exact same stats hit 25-30 homers. Each simmed day takes less than a second, so I think it's very rough.

I also set power limits for the majority of established power hitters to avoid people having 50 homer seasons. I set low power limits for guys like Akahoshi, Nishioka, Araki, and others. Basically any guys who are obviously never going to be 10+ homer guys got power limits. Young players still have the ability to become stars with the right coaches, though.

As for Kintetsu, Daiei, and the Blue Wave, you really don't even worry about it when you're in the middle of playing a game. I played Rakuten vs. Nippon Ham and the Rakuten guys in Kintetsu uniforms felt pretty natural.

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