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Will PYS5 for PS2 worth it?

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Will PYS5 for PS2 worth it?
I have a PS2 and am looking into PYS5 (and not in the market/budget to buy a PS3 just for one game). All the snazzy looking stuff and previews shown seems to be for the PS3.

Will there be enough difference in PYS5 than the earlier PYS games for PS2 to make a difference? Or do they spend all their effort on the PS3 version making it look more realistic?

For reference, the last games I bought was NetsuSta 06 and before that PYS2.
Re: Will PYS5 for PS2 worth it?
[ Author: BigManZam | Posted: Feb 25, 2008 2:06 PM | CLM Fan ]

Get the PS2 version if you don't want to buy a PS3. I advised everyone to buy the PS2 version after playing both versions last year. The PS3 version was rushed out and Konami didn't know how to write for the PS3 hardware. The PS2 version this year is basically going to be a roster update of PYS4, though. It's going to have all the animations and everything, but the graphics are pretty much the same since PYS3.
Re: Will PYS5 for PS2 worth it?
[ Author: Guest: Nate54 | Posted: Mar 29, 2008 5:51 AM ]

Just a quick question, If I buy PYS5 for the PS2, Do I have to buy a new Japanese PS2? What about PYS4?
Re: Will PYS5 for PS2 worth it?
[ Author: BigManZam | Posted: Mar 29, 2008 7:46 AM | CLM Fan ]

A Japanese PS2 game won't run on an American PS2. The easiest method to play PYS5 is to just play it on your American PS3, because the PS3 is region free. You need to mod the PS2 with a chip or fliptop lid. That's a discussion for another forum, though. Use Google.
Re: Will PYS5 for PS2 worth it?
[ Author: Guest: Moochkun | Posted: Jun 23, 2008 1:09 PM ]

I realize that this is an old thread, but I just need to ask this. Where can I buy PYS5? a reliable place please. I live in Arizona in the US. anybody willing to help me please email me at
Re: Will PYS5 for PS2 worth it?
[ Author: Brisco | Posted: Jun 30, 2008 8:59 AM ]

Purchased mine from them, good company.
Re: Will PYS5 for PS2 worth it?
[ Author: Guest: LOC | Posted: Jul 5, 2008 5:11 AM ]

I have both PYS4 and PYS5 for the PS2. They are very, very refined games and interfaces engines. There may be bugs (though they are hard to find on the surface), but this is one of the deepest sports simulations of all time. The PS3 version of PYS4 had problems, so the PS2 version was recommended generally. This year for PYS5, the PS3 version has a lot of its problems fixed and the frame rate I hear is more solid. The graphics are absolutely breathtaking on the PS3, yet the PS2 game has been refine, too, and have all the little interface adjustment and most (if not all of the new fielding animations - I've seen new ones from PYS5 from PYS4). Indeed they refined and a lot of animations and gameplay tweaks still go through to the PS2 version. So just because the PS3 version of PYS5 may be much better than the PS3 version of PYS4, the PS2 versions of PYS4 and PYS5 still look incredible on the PS2. The stadiums look amazing, in a different way but still on the PS2. The atmosphere is second to none. Most importantly, the PS2 version runs without a hitch in terms of frame rate. The frame rate is so solid, it's gotta be like 90 frames a second, it may be even higher. The slight slowdown at times on the PS2 version of PYS4 is fixed in PYS5. The pitching camera angle and interface against the CPU is great. I like being able to see the catcher move his glove to the ball. The ump animations are captured well. The option sets once you learn what every option does is cool because you can really tweak your game to your liking.

This is a very well made sports game. This is why I have no problem buying these games with my hard earned money. There may be bugs, but they aren't easily seen. The game flows in a way that no other sports game does. I lost a game 5-2 yesterday, but I didn't feel it was cheap in any way. I created a nice balanced option set against the CPU, The CPU beat me. It was close. I had some runners in scoring position, but I am still improving on my manual base running and the CPU is tough on my settings. This game really challenges your will to win. You have to focus, find the right pitch, get your defense ready. On offense, I like the cursor batting, although some people don't. I think it can be frustrating at times, but if you stick with it you'll be getting hits in no time, even on a good CPU difficulty.

As great as the batting is with the batting cursor on Normal, as great as the pitching interface is with how you throw them and how it plays out, what makes this game for me is the fielding. The pre-pitch fielding options adds a very necessary level of depth when pitching that really isn't equalled in any other game. The fielding mechanics with user control accurately dictate space and physics with a very high level of accuracy. There are high hops when playing on turf, low hop when playing on grass. You sometimes have to take user control and time a dive, then fire it to the first. Or get the force out. It's just baseball. It's not MLB 08 the Show. That is good in its own way. But that game doesn't have the bunting of PYS5. It's the attention to detail that gives this game high marks.

Even on the PS2 version. The PS2 version of PYS 5 (as well as the PS3 version) are both truly next-gen games tailored to the user. That is a tribute to the programmers and design team behind the engine which has refined over the years without significant bugs, which benefits you and I.

Perhaps my favorite all around PS2 game. And that is saying a lot because I have played a lot of good games.

It's because it accurately depicts the sport. There is nothing left out on the field when the game ends. You gotta win it by out-thinking the CPU in a chess like fashion. It's not random like other games. Multiplayer matches then once mastered...

Re: Will PYS5 for PS2 worth it?
[ Author: Guest: shaun [UK] | Posted: Aug 13, 2008 5:26 PM ]

I realize that this is an old thread, but I just need to add this. ncsx based in new york is where i get my games they specialise in japanese video games.

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