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Pro Yakyuu Famista for the DS

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Pro Yakyuu Famista for the DS
hi guys, just wondering if anyone has played or heard good things about this baseball game for the DS version? I have an older Famista game for my Gamecube and actually quite enjoy the way it simulates baseball. I love the older RBI series of games and this reminds me of it.
I can not read Japanese other than the few words that I learned from goofing around with the Famista Gamecube version, so I'm wondering if someone has written an FAQ or help file on it, if not no problems.
BTW if anyone is interested in it, PlayAsia has it on sale right now for $29.90 discounted from $48.90. I hope that's not a sign of the quality of the game
Anyways, I think I will probably give it a try, as I did like the Gamecube version, but just thought I'd check with the profession Japanese gamers here first. Thanks for you time
Re: Pro Yakyuu Famista for the DS
[ Author: Guest: Steve | Posted: Mar 14, 2008 11:40 AM ]

Yeah, I'm actually a huge fan of this game ever since I cut my teeth on the American NES version "RBI Baseball" back in the 80s.

I've still yet to buy the DS version, but I played it a little while in Japan. The game play seems a bit faster than some of the other games and the AI is tougher too. It looks like there are more options now than there were before too. The graphics looked ok--nothing to write about. It actually looked a bit like it was trying to emulate the original famicon/NES game(s).

Re: Pro Yakyuu Famista for the DS
[ Author: Guest: Steve | Posted: Apr 19, 2008 6:30 AM ]

Ok, well, I finally broke down and ordered the game. I've been playing it now for about a week and it's actually fairly similar to what I expected but with a few differences versus the last hand-held Famista game (Famista Advance for Gameboy Advance).

The new game is almost exact in feel to the original Famista game from the 80's. The look and play is nearly identical; which, I'm not all that pleased about but can deal with. The GBA version of the game was much better overall, from a game play point of view, but was hardly challenging even at the toughest levels.

One of the coolest new features is that, with each game you win, points and skill level are awarded to you. The skill determines the toughness of your opponents while the points can be used to buy things from a Famista "gatcha" including players from other teams, uniforms, and odd stadium accessories (I somehow won a flying pig that can be seen whenever someone hits a homerun).

The AI is also much, much tougher providing for some really interesting games, but there are a few buggy things too. The computer doesn't always play bunts correctly, resulting in a lot of cheap basehits.

Probably the most important feature with the new game is that you can play people from around the world via a wireless connection. So, even if you beat the game, there's still the challenge available against another human player--you also win points too.

Overall, a really fun game and something worth picking up if you have a DS and are a fan of either Japanese baseball or Family Stadium/RBI Baseball. My only real gripe, as mentioned, are that the graphics could've been better, but this shouldn't deter you from getting a copy yourself.

BTW- If anyone out there has this game and can help with translation of the manual, I'd be grateful.

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