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Pawapuro 15 Impressions

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Pawapuro 15 Impressions
I got it yesterday actually. Played a bit, and mean to play some more tonight.

These are initial impressions and I'll update when I get a real feel. This is PS2 version, though I doubt any difference.

-Eikan Nine... err I just call it Golden Nine ^^; But the mode is much more presentation wise and play wise refined. Stamina/rest makes sense. Presentation wise it is a lot more in tune with its atmosphere, school ground ball field, a team afterwords refreshes the infield, Umpires are more animated, circle cheers (forget what its called, but players gather in a circle before they go to bat).
-Gloves. mmmm detailed.
-Sounds. They redid glove catch, throws, some bat strike sounds. very good.

-Close-up System, I encountered it once (you can turn it off and on as a normal option) while in MyLife. I passed? and I'm not really sure what it means... what it kinda does... I don't see its necessity yet. We'll see hopefully.
-Pitch rotations, is also a turn off-on option. Its kinda whack, but... mmmm I don't recognize some spins so it isn't much of anything for me yet. I can see that it can be useful in higher difficulties though. Rotations are noticeably quicker on higher pitch qualities.
-Pitch speeds: At this time, it seems slow. I usually always... basically hit everything opposite field 80%~ of the time (Cause I react... swing slow lol). I haven't spent enough time in MyLife to really be sure yet.
-Success (Besides Eikan Nine) - The scenarios are one after another. The first scenario... kinda too easy? Not in clearing the thing entirely, but to get a good player. I did run into Dr. Daijobu and actually got the rating upgrades successfully. I made myself a catcher and ended up with, arch 3, Mitt A, Power B, Speed B, Arm C, fielding C, Error C. Chancemaker, sayonara HR+hit. I haven't made such a strong success me (me) since Pawapuro 8...

-MyLife: Reduced to only "current" and "original (success)" mode... Major fail.
Also... MyTamashii is now... like.. relationship.. event, money.
So, you have your money which becomes your Tamashii points, Tamashii for performance in games, and for other small things.
Utsuwa (containers) encompass... everything basically. Teammates, girls, friends, Sumio (lol), events, ratings, traits.
So, now you just pour in MyTamashii points into any of these containers, fill them fully and then they "activiate". Triggers events, relationship and skill upgrades, etc...
-There is no Items, no bats... books... hobbies.. hobby skills, domes, you have to practice particular practices many times to get the capsule for that skill...
-I have no idea what moron ruined MyLife. I'll try it a bit more.. maybe play a year or half a year, but goodness... how can they mess this up?

-Online: Zero.
Re: Pawapuro 15 Impressions
[ Author: Bodrik | Posted: Aug 8, 2008 8:22 AM ]

A few days after I wrote my initial impressions, I went over to Amazon to read some of what other people were saying...

After reading a few I gave PP15 a another chance. I went ahead and made a relief pitcher for MyLife. Indeed getting over the disgust of PP14 was PP15 fixing what was so very very wrong in 14...

I'm impressed, they have really balanced out the play of pitching vs. batting. I'm for once really enjoying playing as a pitcher in MyLife. Even a relief pitcher is now possible as only you can chose to increase your stamina or not. No longer are you simply throwing and gaining stamina which eventually your manager makes you start games with.

In this regard I'm very pleased. It is also very easy to get through a season due to the lack of morning/night day cycle.
Sure it takes away a lot of what I mentioned earlier, but in this way it really is a new way to experience the game.

Now... if they combined the good parts of the previous system with this freedom to grow as you please in PP15... it would be an excellent MyLife.

A note about "marking" I've been marked twice (up of course...hehe) now and I've seen a much more uniform change in CPU AI, then what was formerly "Wee wee let me ground out on the first pitch weakly" marking up to "OH OH I JUST RIPPED THE FIRST PITCH TO DEEP CENTER FOR A HOMERUN AND I'M JUST A PITCHER WITH F POWER!" sort of wackiness that occurred in PP14.

So, though 15 is lacking in some extra things, I think its actually... quite good. Some people I have read have said that this work redeemed Konami in some fans eyes. I can't help but agree at this point.

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