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State of the Yakyu Game Address

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State of the Yakyu Game Address
So it's been a while since I've been active here, but I've been trying to play yakyu games lately. Here is my take on what we have available right now on PS2 and PS3.

Haven't played much Pawapuro 15, but the series just keeps going in the wrong direction. They lost the magic of what made Pawapuro great and are trying to cover it with a more dramatic presentation. There's still no option for pitch speed and pitch counts are still unrealistic. If you liked old school Pawapuro, there's a better option out there, which is...

MLB Power Pros 2008 doesn't look very different from last year and the player stats still SUCK, but they give you the freedom to edit everything. Not only that, but you can also control pitch speed. If you like old school Pawapuro, I suggest picking this up. It has a good difficulty level and all the MLB teams add more variety than 12 NPB teams. My Life is finally available in English for everyone who's been missing out since Pawapuro 10. Load times are a bit of an issue, though.

Lastly is the game I've been playing a lot more of lately. Pro Yakyu Spirits 5 is still the best game out there. The fluidity of the graphics and processing makes it a pleasant experience every time you load the game up. It's definitely one of the best games I've ever played as far as processing efficiency goes. Games load in what seems like less than 5 seconds. Animations are amazing. Personally, I'm getting sick of the Pawapuro presentation and I'm glad I have something realistic like PYS5 to play.
Re: State of the Yakyu Game Address
[ Author: Shinigami | Posted: Aug 5, 2008 12:06 AM | FSH Fan ]

I've been playing a lot of PYS5 lately as well.

Might get PS3 (or xbox) within the next few weeks, so maybe someone might want to play online with me if I really get one?

I've been playing with pennant and stardom mode a lot in the recent weeks. Although there are many more things they can improve in these areas, the gameplay is really unmatch with any of the other baseball game out there. Pawapuro might be more fluid in some areas like defense and such, but the pitching and hitting mechanics are sooo much better in PYS, u just gotta appreciate it.

Too bad it's totally impossible to play well with a pitcher in stardom mode, I am actually doing something close to it with pennant mode. And it's been pretty well so far.

Also finished a season in stardom mode with an outfielder, and I can fairly realistic numbers.
Re: State of the Yakyu Game Address
[ Author: BigManZam | Posted: Aug 5, 2008 7:39 PM | CLM Fan ]

Post your PSN name when/if you get a PS3 and I'll make room on my friends list for you. It's amazing how easily you can fill up those 100 friend slots with great players you get to know well when you're part of a community as strong as the one for Warhawk.
Re: State of the Yakyu Game Address
[ Author: Guest | Posted: Aug 6, 2008 8:46 AM ]

Shinigami-san, I have been playing PYS5 online (still am). If you get a PS3 with the game I would gladly include you on my buddy list. My PSN is Cyphre316, I also have a few friends that you can probly link up with to play.

I agree that PYS5 is the best baseball game out there. I would even say it is the best baseball game EVER; and one of the best sports videogames ever created on any console for any era. I am addicted to this game.
Re: State of the Yakyu Game Address
[ Author: Bodrik | Posted: Aug 6, 2008 9:26 PM ]

BMZ, did you get the Wii version of Power Pros or PS2? I got power pros the other day and holy smokes the load times in Mylife are darn ugly...
Re: State of the Yakyu Game Address
[ Author: Shinigami | Posted: Aug 10, 2008 10:11 PM | FSH Fan ]

I've gotten myself a PS3 already. But have yet to buy/find the game in where I'm living yet. So I will keep u guys updated when I get my hands on a game.

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