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Marines Offer Iguchi 3 Years

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Marines Offer Iguchi 3 Years

by Patrick Newman (Jan 7, 2009)

I actually have an English report of this one - Chiba Lotte has offered 2nd baseman Tadahito Iguchi a 3-year, 600m yen contract. That's $6.6m against a still weak greenback. Iguchi is unlikely to top that offer in MLB, and sounds like he's seriously considering taking it:

"I feel like there are a lot of expectations of me. I feel gratitude that I can receive this offer even though I was injured last year. I feel Lotte's sincerity," Iguchi said. "I want to play for a club where I feel needed. I haven't decided yet, but I would like to decide as soon as possible."

Sanspo ran this shot of Iguchi and team president Setoyama together.

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