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Takahashi to the Cubs Rumor

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Takahashi to the Cubs Rumor

by Patrick Newman (Jan 11, 2009)

Sports Hochi is reporting that the Cubs are close to a deal with lefthanded pitcher Ken Takahashi. According to Hochi it's a one-year, major-league deal and the Cubs would look to him to start and pitch in middle relief. The article speculates that the Cubs are looking to bring in someone to support Kosuke Fukudome, but I don't see the logic in signing another rookie. They might as well bring in Akinori Otsuka or someone that's been through the league already. Ken Kadokura and Shigeki Noguchi auditioned for the Cubs last month as well.

This is very early speculation and I haven't found any other mentions of it in the Japanese media, so we'll see if the story develops.

Update, January 11, 10:30pm pst: Sanspo has comments from Takahashi: "I don't know the details of what was published in the newspaper. I'm just practicing by myself to get my body ready for baseball." Commenting on the fact that his destination hasn't been decided yet, Takahashi said, "I'm certainly waiting nervously. Even if it takes the whole month, I think there's not much you can do".

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