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Velocity Charts

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Velocity Charts

by Patrick Newman (Apr 12, 2009)

I'm working on a way to gather pitching information for NPB games. It quite be Pitch F/X but it should yield some interesting information. I'm not done yet, but the early results are good. I was able to chart the velocity on each pitch thrown by Hisashi Iwakuma and Hideaki Wakui in their April 10 matchup, which Wakui won 6-0.

(Click to enlarge the charts)

[Iwakuma's chart]

Iwakuma was lifted after six innings and 92 pitches, allowing three runs. 

[Wakui's chart]

Wakui used seven different pitches, though he only threw his changeup a couple of times. He threw 138 pitches, and note that his fastball's velocity drops toward the end.

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